About Us

Aktif Bank is the largest privately owned investment bank of Turkey. This is a brand new banking story in Turkey, by means of the business model, “New Generation Banking”, and is presently worth TRY 11.2 billion along with its affiliated financial institutions. Furthermore, the Bank has also become one of the most profitable financial institutions in the country, thanks to thousands of touch points reaching customers without opening branches. According to 2013 year-end data, the Bank managed to generate profitability figures far above the averages of both the Turkish Banking Sector and the financial institutions on a global scale, with an ROAA of 2.91% and an ROAE of 19.40%.

While retail banking, investment banking and regional banking compose the axis of Aktif Bank’s operations, the Bank also provides an extensive range of services to customers through its subsidiaries, operating in a variety of fields. This comprehensive and visionary aspect prompts Aktif Bank not to position itself just as a bank in essence, but to cover a broader perspective and build its business model within this framework.

Since 2007, when Aktif Bank entered into a phase of restructuring, the Bank has reached the maximum size set by the capital adequacy requirements in each year, and has grown 77-fold in total. According to 2013 year-end figures, this growth rate has moved the Bank’s rank in asset size from 41st place to 24th in 7 years. The Bank, without opening branches, has become an institution that offers products and services over almost 9,000 touch points, providing hundred thousands of loans, and executes millions of money transfers, insurance and collection transactions. Aktif Bank, however, considers such volumes as just a beginning, and believes that in the upcoming years it will reach even higher levels. The fundamental focus of the Bank is profitability rather than solely impressive growth rates. The employees, aiming to create the most profitable bank in the world through an innovative approach and enterprising business culture, achieved a significant feat while pushing the Bank’s rank in profitability from 36th place to 9th place in a short period of 7 years. During the last 5 years, the Bank has improved its profitability around 50% each year. Aktif Bank has made new investments in numerous business lines in recent years, and now the Bank experiences a period which the profitability contributions of these investments will realize. Thus, the profitability performance of Aktif Bank, which is above sector averages, is expected to continue on an upward trend.

Moreover, based on its investment banking perspective, Aktif Bank prioritizes the design of investment products covering all the needs of investors and develops significant return opportunities for them. Within this scope, the Bank has pioneered the sector in many products, and has introduced various new investment instruments to investors in terms of both conventional and Islamic Finance models.

Aktif Bank has become Turkey’s most internationally awarded institution, not only for its success in terms of figures, but also for the performance it has shown in products, services and innovation through its world-wide payment systems, technology, quality, innovation, investment products, distribution channels and communication. The Bank has been granted 72 awards in total, including “The World’s Most Innovative Bank”, from major international contests, such as Financial World Innovation, Banker, EFMA, Paybefore, VRL Financial, and Global Banking&Finance Review. While such awards have swelled our country’s banking and finance sector with pride, they also set forth Turkey’s difference and innovative understanding. Aktif Bank has been cited as a case study in the book called “Financial Services Marketing”, which was published in the USA this year.