Aktif Bonds


• Aktif Bond offers interest rates up to 12,20% annually(1,2). 
• While the bond withholding rate is 10% for all terms, the deposit withholding rate is 15% up to 6 months and 12% between 6 months and 1 year. 
• The bank bonds that you have purchased are kept by the Central Registry Agency Corp. and protected as they are registered in Takasbank.


It is the liquid investment because the terms can vary from 30 to 365 days, it can be the issue to the repo and reverse repo agreements and it can be purchased on secondary market with the interest rate which is determined according to the current market conditions before the term by Aktif Bank.

1.The deposit equivalent of 12,20% Aktif Bond interest rate is 12,48​​​% (in the terms between 180 and 365 days) 

​2. It is the rate valid for the investments of 25​0.000 TL and over.​