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Banka Kombetare Tregtare (BKT) whose foundation dates back to November 30, 1925 has received its present name in 1993.BKT was privatized in 2000 and its control passed to the Çalık Group in 2006.Şekerbank shares in Çalık-Şekerbank consortium were bought by Çalık Holding in November 2008then the title of Çalık-Şekerbank KonsorsiyumYatırım A.Ş. was changed as Çalık Finansal Hizmetler A.Ş. and registered on 13.01.2009. Çalık Finansal Hizmetler A.Ş. owned 100% of BKT Shares with the purchase of IFC and EBRD shares on 30.06.2009.

BKT was elected by The Banker magazine as “The best bank” in 2010 for the year 2010 and it maintained its position as the best bank of Albania by receiving the same prize from The Banker magazine for the year 2011. BKT was also awarded the best bank of Albenia prize by EMEA Finance Magazine for the year 2010.Another prize received was2010 STP (straight-through processing) Excellence Award” awarded by Deutsche Bank in 2010.A similar STP prize was awarded by Wells Fargo under the title “STP Award 2011” due to the achievements in trade payment transactions in 2011. Japan Credit Eurasia Rating Agency evaluated BKT in the highest level investable category in 2011 and its Long-Term National Rating was confirmed as "AAA (Alb)" and its outlook was confirmed as stable. Moody’s gave the BKT for its outlook “stable” and B1 grade. Because the country grade of Albenia is at this level, the grade is considered as the highest grade that can be received.

The second largest bank in Albania, BKT’s total assets is approximately 1.9 billion US dollars and its profit for the period is 29.4 million USD.BKT with approximately US $ 138 million equity has about US $ 1.6 billion volume of deposits. BKT has totally 778 million US dollars cash loan size; 219 million US dollars of which is individual and 559 million US dollars of which is institutional. It has reached respectively 17% and 18% market share in 2011 by increasing asset and deposit market shares significantly. It was the only bank to increase its market shares in this regard among the first four major banks and therefore it has taken important steps to become the largest bank in Albania.

As of the end of the year 2011, BKT is the second bank having the highest number of branches. BKT’s57 branches are in service in 29 different cities of Albania and its 23 branches are in service in 15 different cities of Kosovo. Additionally, BKT is the first Turkish invested bank invested in Kosovo before the declaration of independence in the country.

The innovations made in the field of electronic banking in the last 3 years by BKT has been announced in a major organizations with the attendance of Prime minister of Albania under the title of Prima Installment Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, New functions in ATM and Electronic Top Up “BKT Electronic Banking Solutions”. In addition to innovations that BKT introduced technologically in Individual Banking in 2010 and 2011, it came to the fastest growing bank position in market share increase in credit and deposit products.BKT lead the way in Albania and started to load credit to Mobile operator prepaid SIM cards and to sell of Digital TV prepaid service packages over individual internet banking.

BKT continued its prudent and cautious lending policy Corporate and Commercial Banking in 2011 and continued its relationship with leading and potential customers in private sector and the public sector and increased the credits that it provided to abroad. BKT will continue to contribute to the development of private sector and to support public in Albania with its special lending projects that it is a participant. In 2011, the first time in Albenia, BKT put into practice corporate and commercial Internet banking with approval mechanisms according to in-house authorization levels. The first time in Albenia, BKT organized “Foreign Trade Seminar” for the companies and the first time a murabaha transaction was carried out in Albania.

BKT aims to develop its presence in Albania economy in 2012 with its approach towardsthedevelopment of product-oriented and alternative distribution channels.


EKent was founded to produce smart city technologies in 2002 and it joined to Aktif Bank which if the biggest investment bank of Turkey in 2008.

Ekent which develops its smart city solutions with the slogan of smart cities and happy people in the light of the latest technologies continuously and which provides intelligent transport systems in 12 cities today is a leader company in urban transportation. While providing the infrastructure transformation with integrated city solutions in the cities that it served, Ekent produces smart city solutions developing new revenue-generating value-added business models to administrations.

Thanks to the infrastructure that it provided, EKent has been performing the operation of Turkey's most common and highest-volume intelligent transportation infrastructure with more than 763 million transactions per year, 1.8 million smart cards of year , totally 8.8 million smart cards management and

 33 million magnetic tickets

Additionally, EKent has enabled in the world for the first time to make payments to mobile phones through beacon and the realization of transportation services.​

As a result of the tender performed by Turkey Football Federation (TFF) in2013,it is appointed as E-Ticket System Integrators and it realized the world's largest stadium transformation project including infrastructure transformation in 46 stadiums in 25 different cities, passage control and monitoring systems, central integrated ticketing and stadium box office services infrastructure. It will soon take part in innovative system integration projects with its R & D activities, products and services by continuing its development that it realized with these projects


N Kolay is the biggest payment institution in Turkey by volume. N Kolay business model mainly focuses on bill payment, money transfers and other financial services.

  •   - 4.750 service points all around Turkey
  •   - Monthly average number of transactions 7.000.000 
  •   - 2.800.000 customers
  •   - Contracted with more than 150 Institutions  
It has awarded first prize in “Physical Distribution Channel” category with its Unique Hardware and Platform, powerful infrastructure and extensive range of products in EFMA (European Financial Management and Marketing Association) awards which is one of the most prestigious awards of banking.


UPT is Turkey's first and only local, global money transfer and payment platform for domestic and international transfers to account, credit cards or for cash payments in multiple currencies. UPT started its journey in Turkey in 2010 with the brand UPT – Cheap Money Transfer. With the expansion of our international network, we also started using UPT as “Universal Payment Transfer” since 2012.

UPT reached 222 countries and over 400.000 service points. UPT offers a new generation of money transfer system which allows customers to send and receive money domestically to a name, bank account or card, and globally to an account or contracted UPT Service Point instantly in TL, USD or EUR. 

There is no need for bank account or credit card in to make use of the money transfer system. Customers are only required to have a valid identity document and reference number of the transaction. The transferred money is automatically transferred to a bank account or credit card.  Today, millions of people prefer UPT for money transfer transactions all over the world. UPT has a distinctive technical infrastructure that focuses on customer satisfaction and customer oriented service system that distinguishes UPT from other money transfer systems.


​Sigortayeri.com is an online insurance comparison website which ensures the finding of insurance products most suitable to the customer needs in minutes. It ensures that the users receive offers from the industry's leading insurance companies and make comparison and reach insurance products easily by simplify long and complex insurance operations.

Sigortayeri.comwith its infrastructure, 360 degrees communication channels and value added services concept has created “Sigortayeri Garanti Eder” to be next to the users when they wished and to be the first to come to mind when mentioned from insurance.

Sigortayeri Garanti Eder responds the needs of Sigortayeri users in many areas.

Best Price Guarantee: It provides the best priced insurance products according to the market conditions.

DamagePayment Guarantee in 5 days: It follows the procedures after the damage and ensures the payment in 5 business days.

Your Personal Customer Representative: Following the first talk with Sigortayeri Customer Service, a personalized customer service representatives appointed and it is provided that all calls are made with the same customer representative.

Term Reminder: when your insurance renewal term gets closer, it finds most suitable offers for you.

Anywhere with You: Sigortayeri is with the customers any time through the technological communication channels such as Whatsapp, online chat, Skype, 3950.

ASK to Sigortayeri: It is a communication channel positioned as data bank of Sigortayeri and which all kinds of questions can be asked about insurance.


Established as an affiliate of Aktif Bank, Turkey's largest privately-held investment bank, Echo Information Management Systems A.Ş. has been operating since August 2016.

With the EchoPOS brand, our company aims to be a "Next Generation Solution Partner" for the retail industry and offers end-to-end payment systems and integration solutions for businesses' front and back offices.

EchoPOS organizes retail chains; It offers Windows based automation systems integrated with the next generation cash registers. For SMEs; Aims to make different alternatives for its customers with "Android Based" solutions that also provide stock, sales, order, campaign, turnover and profitability follow.

EchoPOS also offers customers different financial models with the strength that Aktif Bank has as a group company.
This solution, which is offered for the first time in Turkey with rental model of all software and hardware units, communicates easily with 3rd party applications through real time and bidirectional communication protocols, simple and scalable architecture, easily customizable for project requirements, mobile and web applications Manageable. With EchoPOS, businesses can meet the needs of a new generation of cashless chassis from a single location without the initial investment cost.


PAVO Technique Service Electric Electronic San. Tic. Inc. With its long-standing experience in cash register systems, offers local and foreign customers a solution in the field of payment systems, especially in financial approved cash registers (ÖKC-Payment Recorder).

PAVO, which has been operating as an Aktif Bank subsidiary since 2013, coordinates all its activities from Istanbul. PAVO intends to keep customer satisfaction at the top level! With its strong R & D infrastructure, solution-focused sales-marketing strategies, qualified production and operation services.

In collaboration with the world's leading payment systems provider Ingenico, PAVO has designed Ingenico iWE 280 with EFT POS, the lightest, easiest and fastest Cash register POS device. Additionally PAVO has acquired a production licensing permit and has achieved a respectable position in the next generation cash register POS market in 2014.

Thanks to GMP3 infrastructure applications that integrate in bank, lunch card and ERP software on cash register POS devices,  Ingenico printers have been recognized as a high quality, reliable and cost effective solution for many industries. ​


Targeting to operate in Islamic finance & investment universe, Mükafat Asset Management was established on June 26th, 2016 by the partnership of Aktif Bank and Islamic Corporation of the Development of the Private Sector (ICD) –an affiliate of Islamic Development Bank. The company, which was given its operation license by Capital Markets Board on December 19th, 2016, strives to carve out a niche for itself with its alternative investment products such as Private Equity Funds and Real Estate Funds. Mükafat Asset Management is also going to manage Mutual Funds as well as Pension Funds. 

In addition to the above-mentioned products/services, one of Mükafat Asset Management’s main objectives is to create value for its investors via discretionary portfolio management by constructing winning portfolios according to investors’ risk appetite and duration preference. 


Initiating its business operations in 2004, Halic Leasing aims to achieve growth by accelerating its business operations at the last quarter of 2016 with the partnership of ICD and Ijara Management Company under the organization of Aktif Bank. Being the first financial leasing company offering Islamic products to its customers in Turkey, Halic Leasing develops customer-tailored development packages for its customers, operating in Turkey, especially SMEs, as well as financing options in order to provide support to their investments in technological machines and equipment. Thereby, it intends to fill the gaps at the market where major leasing companies, especially those owned by local banks, maintain their operations. Halic Leasing aims to bring long-term resources to Turkey from the Gulf and Asian countries through SUKUK issues by leveraging on Aktif Bank's knowledge in capital markets.