• E-kent
​​Ekent, which was founded in 2002 in order to produce smart city technologies, was incorporated to Aktif Bank, Turkey’s biggest investment bank, in 2008.
Ekent which constantly develops smart city solutions under the light of state of the art technology with the slogan of ‘Smart cities, happy people’, is aregional leading company today in urban transportation systems in the region which provides smart transportation systems in 19 cities.It provides an infrastructure transformation through integrated city solutions in the cities where it provides services while it also produces smart city solutions which develop revenue generating and new value-added business models for the administrations.

EKent, with the help of the infrastructure it offers, has Turkey’s most common smart transportation infrastructure operationwith the highest volume through more than 1 billion transactions as well as the administration of 5 million smart transportation cards and 160 million magnetic ticketing annually in total.

EKent, adding value to transportation infrastructure of many cities in Turkey, took its first step abroad by winning the Project of Porto Passin Portuguese with the help of its domestic experience and know-how.Prepaid cards which will provide VIP entrance and discounted passing to touristic areas in Porto which hosts 7 million tourists annually will also be valid in tour buses and boats, and it will be able to be used in restaurants. In addition, EKent enabled payment via beacon for the first time in the world on mobile phones as well transportation services.

In 2013,as a result of the tender which is initiated by Turkish Football Federation (TFF), it was assigned as an E-Ticket System Integrator andit put the biggest stadium transformation project into practice at a time. This Project includes infrastructure transformation in 33 stadiums located in 25 different cities as well as passing control and screening systems, infrastructures of integrated ticketing and stadium desk services from one single center.It maintains its development through these projects and it will soon be included in innovative system integration projects through its Research & Development studies, products and services.