• Universal Payment Transfer

​​​It’s very easy to transfer money through UPT​

  • Please go to the closest UPT Service Point with your valid identity card and fill in the Money Transferring.
  • Give the money to be sent and its fee to the desk officer.
  • Submit the transaction reference number to the receiving person.

  • It’s very easy to transfer money through online order from Turkey to the inside and outside of the country!

    You can go to the closest UPT point and check your transaction with the reference number which appears after entering country and delivery information.

    Please click to online order.

    ​Please cli​ck to learn the closest UPT point. 


    It’s very fast to get money through UPT

    You can get your money from the closest UPT point with your valid identity card and the reference number for the transaction of money transferring which is remitted to you. Money transfers remitted to your bank account or credit card are automatically reflected on your account.


    It’s cheaper than the bank and other money transferring companies. No commission for the receiver.



    Remitted Money is instantly delivered to the receiver.



    You can enjoy UPT service from more than 4700 points inside the country and more than 400.000 points in 222 countries.



    You can carry out your money transfer transaction just by filling a simple form. For further information please visit .