Message of Chairman of the Board

Dear Stakeholders, 

Turkey’s stable management understanding in recent years has been the key driver of economic growth. The strong stability that has been maintained in spite of all difficulties and transient uncertainties in the world reinforces our belief in continuous future growth. 

In 2015, all global actors had to confront difficulties. While the economic dynamics of the U.S.A. and China as well as instability in the Middle East, which Turkey is a part of, had a negative impact on financial markets, growth rates of developing economies continued to constitute three fourths of global growth. 

In spite of these negative global developments and geopolitical risks, the Turkish economy sustained a modest growth. GDP, for the first nine months of the year, grew by 3.4% on a year-on-year basis.  Falling energy prices helped the current account balance improve during this period. As was the case in 2015, no major change is expected in the global macroeconomic outlook in 2016. Although the impact of volatility in global markets will be felt again in the Turkish economy, stability in the country will reinforce its resilient structure. 

As Çalık Holding, we forge ahead as a strong group, playing a crucial role in Turkey’s integration with the world economy thanks to our international competitiveness in six different industries, employment opportunities for around 27,000 individuals, sound financial structure, internationally respected business partners and high-quality projects. 

Empowered by its trust in the Turkish economy, the Bank continues to spearhead many new practices. Turkey’s first real Asset Backed Security (ABS), Islamic participation certificate, project finance sukuk and Turkish Lira-denominated bank bond issuances by Aktif Bank not only break new ground in the country but also offer a range of important revenue opportunities for investors.  

The Bank took ambitious steps in various fields through new sector-specific financing models and system-based integration solutions in corporate banking.  Highlights in 2015 were structured funding models for football clubs in the sports industry, in which the Bank first started operating through Passolig ticketing systems; innovative funding models for urban regeneration projects on a profit-and-loss sharing basis in the real estate industry; new products specifically designed for customs brokerage and logistics companies; innovative funding models for servicing the financing needs of farmers and integrated plants in cotton production and other post-production stages of the agricultural industry value-chain; and finally Research and Development Financing Program 2015 in support of entrepreneurs. 

Aktif Bank made new strides also in retail banking, and merged all its retail banking products under the “N Kolay” brand to support its branch-free banking model. A 100 %-digital “N Kolay Loan” opened a new horizon in the loan business and allowed customers to borrow through completely online channels. The Bank will continue to invest in digital and launch new mobile applications in 2016. 

The Bank’s ”New Generation Banking” business model not only yielded strong financial results but was also recognized with a total of 86 awards including ”World’s Most Innovative Bank” in the last five years. 

I truly believe that Aktif Bank will keep on adding value to customers, the banking industry and the Turkish economy thanks to its innovative vision, courage and trailblazing approach. 

Best regards,
Ahmet Çalık​