Message of General Director

Dear Stakeholders,

In spite of difficulties in global economies, the Turkish banking industry sustained growth in 2015. The asset size of the overall industry grew by 18% on an annual basis and reached TRY 2,357 billion.  Loans, the key item of the assets, amounted to TRY 1.485 billion and constituted 75% of GDP. Total loans grew by 20% year-on-year. Last year, the amount of deposit/participation fund rose by 18% and soared to TRY 1,245 billion. This way, deposit-to-loan ratio kept increasing and reached 119%. In line with this growth, the profit of the sector grew by 6% to total TRY 26.1 billion year-on-year. 

As Turkey’s largest privately owned investment bank, we concentrate on corporate banking, investment banking and retail banking, in which we offer financial services to not only the leading companies but also individuals in Turkey. The common perspective at the core of all our business practices is merging the flexibility of an investment bank with conventional banking service models, and turning this utility into sustainable business models customized for Aktif Bank. In the past year we continued to offer funding solutions and strategies that provide a competitive edge in corporate and investment banking. While we offered more than TRY 1.2 billion to football clubs to finance the sports sector, we also financed the Vodafone Arena Stadium project. At Istanbul Finance Center, we became partners in two projects expected to bring over TRY 6 billion revenues. Moreover, we continued to take place in profit-and-loss-sharing based partnerships in real estate development and urban regeneration projects. We issued a lease certificate of TRY 300 million in total for funding the Istanbul Finance Center project. On the other hand, we developed specific funding models for energy, logistics, technology, car rental sectors. Soon we will offer brokerage as well as corporate and structured financing services to respond to the financing needs of our corporate customers via capital markets and borrowing markets. With the support of investors backing our services, the issuance amount of Aktif Bond, our spearhead product, exceeded TRY 17 billion as of the end of 2015. 

As an investment bank with a no-branch strategy, the scale we attained in retail banking has totally differentiated us in the sector. The number of daily transactions on payment system solutions and retail financing products offered by Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries is fairly comparable to that of large banks with thousands of branches in the sector. The volume of smart transportation cards that we currently offer through our subsidiaries is around 1.5 billion per year. In other words, the number of transactions with our transportation cards equaled half of the total credit card transactions in Turkey last year. In 2015, we produced one million new bank cards, intermediated the payment of around ten million invoices through N Kolay payment points, performed over one million money transfers, sold over 150,000 consumer loan and insurance policies. 

The scale we achieved in retail banking reinforced our belief in having adopted the right strategy. While we continue implementing these strategies, we have also shifted to digital and mobile banking. In line with our digital banking strategies that put productivity and efficiency at the forefront, we gradually laid the foundation for online banking in 2015. Launched with a “100% digital loan” motto, N Kolay Loan portal has been designed with a new understanding of credit that can offer customized pricings and different payment plans for different customer profiles. Our new website and mobile applications will soon be launched with an aim to create mobile solutions for banking services, daily transportation, and Passolig needs of our customers. We will be merging investment banking and retail banking functions, thereby offering our own bonds to the public and delivering once again through digital channels. 
Aktif Bank and its subsidiaries will continue to lead the industry and add value to all stakeholders through an expert team, technology investments, and an understanding of innovative services always dedicated to customer satisfaction. 

Best Regards,​
Dr. Serdar Sümer