Information Technology and Operation Group

•     Banking Operations Department

•     Payment Systems Operations Department

•     R-D and Test Management Unit

•     IT Security Unit

•     Digital Channels Application Development Department

•     Payment Systems Application Development Department

•     System Management and Operation Department

•     Application Development Department

•     Data Management Department

IT is responsible for developing and executing IT mission and strategy that supports Bank's innovative vision and business plans; meeting technological requirements of customers and other Bank units in accordance with international standards and up-to-date norms in a reliable and effective way as well as implementing such projects that are needed to meet the tactical and strategical objectives and delivering high quality infrastructure services. It aims to contribute to Bank's competitiveness by operating Bank's technological infrastructure and processes in a way that keeps track of agile and up-to-date methodologies. Within the frame of the Bank's defined general strategies and policies, operation is responsible for the management of the operations in all the channels such as the branches, alternative distribution channels and external service points in order to guarantee high quality and productivity in the service offered to the customers in a way which shall not contradict the arrangements inside and outside the Bank, determination of outsourcing and correspondence requirements by benefit-cost analysis while providing the operational services, providing the efficient use and management of the service taken from such institutes; development of new products relevant to the payment systems and management of these projects.

Finance Group

•     Financial Reporting Accounting and Tax Management Department

•     Subsidiaries & Business Profitability and Reconciliation Department

•     Purchasing Unit

•     Support Services Unit

Finance Group is responsible for the formation, evaluation of the Bank's budget in line with the objectives and policies of the top management, formation of expenditure policies, management of the expenditure and investment processes within the frame of the budget targets, informing and advising the management through business line, product, channel, customer-basis and bank-wide financial performance analyses, the functioning of the Bank's accounting and reporting system, preparation of the financial statements and statutory reports required by the Banking Law, Turkish Accounting Standards, tax codes and other relevant legislation, management of tax processes including fulfillment of tax and similar obligations, organization and follow up of the finance functions of the Bank's associates and affiliated entities and follow up of the legislation and regulations regarding finance function. Purchasing management within the framework of the Bank's business plan and annual budget, construction, building management, archive management, is responsible for managing and developing the security and communications process.

Financial Institutions Group

•   Financial Institutions Marketing Department

•   Trade Finance Department

Financial Institutions Group is responsible for commencing, managing and developing the Bank's Financial Institutions Marketing Operations as well as generating and marketing trade finance products for Bank's corporate clients.

Treasury Group

•     Treasury Pricing and Liquidity Management Department

•     Treasury Sales and Marketing Department

•     Private Banking Department

•     Economic Research Department

•     Corporate Communications Unit

Treasury Group is responsible for managing the Bank's stock securities portfolio, completing money market transactions, marketing fund management products, monitoring market policies and updating the information concerning development of the products and services under his responsibility as well as relevant requirements, within the framework of the already defined strategies and policies in compliance with the in-and-out-Bank arrangements. Responsible for corporate communication activities.

Legal Group

•   Legal Group

Legal Group is fulfillment of the institutional and legal obligations, is responsible for the routing in order to ensure compliance with laws and consultancy activities.

Internal Systems Group

•   Internal Audit Department

•   Internal Control Department

•   Compliance Department

•   Risk Management Department

Internal Systems Group is responsible for the audit and control of all the processes in the Bank to provide their conformity to the local laws, internal regulations, management policies and procedures; for the determination and management of Credit Risks, Market Risks and Operational Risks and keeping these under control within the frame of the risk management policies determined; moreover, for establishment and operation of the adequate and efficient control structure in the processes and procedures of the Bank, which shall prevent the laundering of the crime revenues and financing of the terrorism. 

Human Resources Group 

•   Human Resources Group

Human Resources Group is responsible for planning, management and improvement of human resources in line with goals and strategies of the Bank and necessary quality standards; for management of staff planning, selection and placement, training and development, performance management, career and competency, salary and award systems; for carrying out payrolling and personnel affairs; for management of communication activites in-house and development of related processes; for bening envisaged of the most efficient and productive models by planning all structural and functional amendments of the Bank; for determination of labor force staff structures as well as processe to be designed within these model and general service model and for follow–up efficiency of these structure.

 Credit Analytic and Capital Markets Group

•     Retail Credit Allocation Department

•     Credit Policy and Analytic Department

•     Capital Markets Department

•     Structured Finance Department

 Credit Analytic and Capital Markets Group aims to develop and issue capital market instruments targeting local and international investors as well as expanding the investor base in the market. Responsibilities of the Group include identifying products needed by market to this end credit; initiating contacts with regulatory authorities for development of legislation applicable thereto; following up national capital market legislation as well as international practice and developing business for the integration of developments in this sphere with our local practice.

Corporate Banking Group

•   Corporate Credit Departmen

•   Corporate Marketing Department

•   Corporate Finance Department

•   Realty Project Development and Application Unit

Corporate Banking Group is responsible for creation of businesses with incoming and profit sharing by virtue of cooperation and partnerships to be established in prestigious projects having license quality together with real estate development and application and development of urban transformation projects; for management of acquisiton and /or business combinations and services of party consultancy and brokerage for seller /purchaser; for formation of funding foundations required for evaluation new business ideas and business plans; for provision fo financing for the bank and its customers by virtue of finance products and credit markets; for evaluation of public and private sector projects, provision of finance and management of cooperations to be established in this respect; for also development of management systems of the firms and provision of consultancy services for increasing financial rate of return; for development of products related to cash management and conducting activities for putting into practice and management of corporate sales network by improving marketing strategies to create competitive advantage; for implementation of corporate credit policies, credit evaluation criteria and procedures in line with mission, vision and strategies of the Bank in accordance with banking legislation; for carrying out activites for collection, system, risk analysis, reporting and portfolio trends required for using Bank resources actively and efficiently; for efficient supervision and analysis by evaluating effects of credits in corporate segment based on sector and risk and effects of project credits based on cash flow on balance sheet and productivity of the Bank; for close follow-up of credit portfolio by evaluating early warning signals and follow-up firms submitted to legal proceedings in coordination with Legal Group.

Legislation Development and Management Group

•   Fraud Prevention and Customer Complaints Management Department

Legislation Development and Management Group is responsible for monitoring the law changes, advising business units, evaluating all products and services' risks from the point of view of fraud and security, preventing financial and reputational risks that may occure through Bank's distribution channels. The Group aims adopting customer-oriented viewpoint, to transmit customer expectations to all units with the mission of being the voice of customer, ensuring that all customer complaints are resolved adhering to legal regulations, identifying and improving the processes that may cause customer dissatisfaction and providing the satisfaction of all customers of the Bank.

Retail Banking Sales and Subsidiaries Coordination Group

•     ADC Operations Department 

•     Retail Credit Risk Monitoring and Tracking Unit

•     Physical Channels Product Management and Subsidiaries Coordination Department

•     Digital Channels and CRM Department

•     Payment Systems and Product Management Department

•     Sales Management Department

Retail Banking Sales and Subsidiaries Coordination Group is responsible for determination of sales policies and procedures which will meet needs and expectations of our customers preeminently in line with mission, vision and targets of the Bank and in accordance with banking legislation; for channel management of the Bank and follow-up /instructions of sales channels; for provision of cooperation and coordination with participations; for follow-up other sales trends in the sector; for development of statistical analysis and models in order to achieve business goals of the Group; for selling products related to payment systems to customer portfolio.


Project Management Department

•     Project Management Department

 Project management; The Bank is responsible for the management and execution of the project management process and methodology in line with its mission, vision and objectives and in accordance with banking legislation.