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Providing smart urban solutions and integration services, E-Kent carries out 1 billion smart transport transactions annually. E-Kent brings technological transformation to the cities it serves while developing value-added business models for public administrations. E-Kent offers smart public transport solutions and manages transportation operations for nearly 8 million citizens in various provinces, including Turkey's capital, Ankara. Since the day of its inception, E-Kent has carried out 15 million smart transport card transactions and 375 million transport ticket operations in total.

E-Kent h
as also successfully carried out the world's biggest stadium infrastructure transformation project, which involves entrance control and surveillance systems, integrated ticketing, stadium box office services and infrastructure for 60 stadiums in 31 provinces in Turkey. Since April 2014, over 20 million football fans accessed stadiums using the e-ticket project of E-Kent, which sold around 10 million match-day tickets for over 4,000 games and more than 1 million seasonal tickets, generating revenues of over TRY 2 billion for sports clubs. As part of its strategy to expand to international markets, E-Kent continued to market its software and hardware solutions overseas, and its products and services are making a name for themselves in international organizations, such as the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

E-Kent entered
the entertainment and event organization industry in March 2019, and already achieved around 50% market share, thanks to its partnerships with leading event organizers as well as its existing expertise and experience.


UPT Ödeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para A.Ş., Turkey's first licensed payment institution, offers money transfer services in multiple currencies to cards and accounts both in Turkey and abroad. UPT reaches customers via nearly 8,000 points including UPT branches and post offices as well as dealers and distributors, delivering its services through the most expansive distribution network in the industry.

In 2020,
UPT carried out 1.9 million transactions in 170 countries, achieving a transaction volume of more than TRY 7 billion. UPT increased the number of foreign partner banks and payment service providers to 107 to expand the range and reach of its services, and at the same time, began offering its services to domestic payment service providers through new contracts.

In 2020, the UPT b
rand and system expanded its service region to six countries, showing once again its determination to become a global player. UPT transactions between countries other than Turkey climbed 249% in 2020. In total, 40 overseas banks or payment providers from 55 countries utilized the UPT infrastructure to carry out money transfers to 60 countries.

UPT places c
ustomer needs and experience at the core of its service offering, and the company has made significant progress in software development for mobile and web-based solutions to carry its services to the digital. The mobile money transfer app UPTION was launched in 2020. For 2021, UPT aims to offer high-quality services and experience to customers on digital channels as well.


Turkey's innovative insurance broker Sigortayeri Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş. maintained its trend of profitability in 2020 to record an above 100 percent growth over the previous year, cementing its position as "Turkey's largest domestic broker" providing insurance brokerage services to retail and corporate clients.

In additio
n to its existing distribution channels, Sigortayeri expanded upon its partnership deals with leading players in the retail industry for its digital services, enhancing the integration of its insurance capability into customer-based "ecosystems".

In line
with its robust retail insurance distribution network and guided by its principle of facilitating access to financial services, Sigortayeri continued to serve its customers during the global pandemic by digitizing the services it offered to business partners in a physical environment, complementing its range of customizable, comparative products that cater to the needs of end consumers.

Offering c
orporate insurance solutions via its Asron Sigorta brand, Sigortayeri took part in the insurance placement of major projects in Turkey and 15 other countries in the region. Asron Sigorta boasts considerable experience in major insurance coverage in construction, healthcare, energy, textile, automotive and financial services industries, as well as trade receivables insurance, bail bonds, engineering, professional liability, cyber risk and project finance insurance products that replace or supplement banking solutions.

In renewab
le energy, Asron Sigorta developed a special insurance facility suitable for project development for the construction and operation phases of solar and wind power plants, enabling the company to maintain its sector leadership in SPP project insurance in 2020, with Asron Sigorta serving as the insurance broker for 30% of Turkish solar power generation.


In 202
0, PAVO expanded its range of next-gen payment systems services to offer modern solutions leveraging its experience and expertise.

PAVO offer
s its services to customers through over 250,000 cash register POS devices across Turkey, and diversifies its operations with software integration, operator organization, special integration, Android device solutions and Interbank Card Center's Techpos app.


Boasting Turkey's lar
gest and widest network in its respective industry, N Kolay Payment offers its services through over 570 N Kolay Stores and around 3,500 N Kolay Kiosks.

With new partnersh
ip deals signed in 2019 with Turkey's leading retailers and telecommunication companies, N Kolay Payment increased its physical service points to over 12,000. Acting as an agent in all provinces of Turkey in a variety of payment services including utility bill collections and domestic and international money transfers, N Kolay provides fast, convenient, and reliable payment transactions to over 360,000 card users.

N Kolay's application to th
e Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey for offering POS services to SMEs was approved on December 17, 2020. N Kolay continues its operations to provide easy and convenient POS services in a time when digitization has become much more prevalent and important.

N Kolay Payment allows
customers to transfer money and pay utility bills via approximately 8,000 retail service points across 81 provinces on a 24/7 basis without having to wait for business hours or requiring a bank account.

N Kolay achieved remarkab
le success in a short amount of time thanks to its fast and convenient online processes and guaranteed transactions. N Kolay is the largest collection and payment channel in Turkey with 7 million transactions per month. The N Kolay Kiosk project brought Aktif Bank first place in the competition organized by European Financial Management Association (EFMA).


Echo Bilgi
Yönetim Sistemleri A.Ş. commenced operations in August 2020 with the EchoPOS brand, and by the end of 2020, the company has completed over 10,000 software and hardware installations in 81 provinces of Turkey, becoming a "Next-Gen Solution Partner" with end-to-end payment systems and integration solutions for front and back offices of enterprises.

ng partnered with Turkey's leading retailers, EchoPos provides a robust, error-free infrastructure for over 2 million daily transactions on average.


Aktif Asse
t Management was established in 2016 as an Aktif Bank subsidiary engaged in asset management under the CMB regulations. Aktif Asset Management leverages its extensive know-how and industry expertise to offer alternative revenue streams to investors via investment funds it creates and manages for various risk/yield expectations. In addition to investment funds, Aktif Asset Management offers the high yield of real economy to investors via investment capital and real estate funds, while its pension funds offer long-term solutions to customers in the pension system. With approximately 60,000 domestic and international corporate and individual investors, Aktif Asset Management manages total assets worth TRY 2 billion, which is continuously grown and diversified with accurate prediction of emerging needs.


Emlak Girişim
A.Ş. was founded to seize business opportunities in the real estate and construction industries, participate in investment projects, primarily those in the energy industry, and become a major player in international trade. In line with the growth trend in the real estate industry, the company aims to be a leader with direct partnerships, profit-loss sharing investments, and urban renewal projects. The company has investments and operations in a variety of industries including energy and international trade.

One of the
most important investments by Emlak Girişim A.Ş. is the Istanbul International Finance Center (IIFC), one of the largest regional planning projects of Turkey with a construction site sprawling over 3 million square meters, set to be one of the top financial hubs across the globe. Emlak Girişim A.Ş. also completed a significant investment as a profit and loss partner to the Metropol Istanbul project in the Ataşehir district. In addition, in 2017, the company became one of the leading players in the industry by investing in a 61 MWp solar power plant project.


İnovasyon ve Finansal Danışmanlık A.Ş. provides "Growth Strategies and Process Management" services for companies that aim for a competitive advantage through R&D and innovation. It is the only firm in its field to offer its customers integrated solutions that focus on fully utilizing R&D incentives and support programs, financial and legal risk management, and consultancy on intellectual and industrial property rights. Its primary customers include Technology Development Zones, R&D and Design centers, Incubation Centers, Technology Transfer Offices, Investment Funds, Investor Networks and companies operating within these.

In 2020,
İnovaban engaged and formed business relationships with several manufacturing and software companies of all scales categorized by TurkStat as enterprises engaged in the manufacture of high and medium-high technology products. İnovaban also established relations with private banks, investment funds and investment networks that understand the importance of an R&D ecosystem, and signed protocols for business development.

İnovaban continued
to enable value-added production in Turkey and to provide Turkish companies with a competitive advantage in international markets to expedite their commercialization and globalization efficiently. In this context, İnovaban employees participated in over 30 training events, virtual fairs and conferences as trainers and panelists.


In 2019, Se
com Aktif Yatırım A.Ş., a joint venture between Turkey's largest privately-held investment bank Aktif Bank and the Japanese SECOM, a security and technology company that serves 3.4 million subscribers in 19 countries with over 60,000 employees, acquired all shares of Kent Güvenlik. Through this partnership, SECOM now offers electronic security services across Turkey with a continuously growing customer base. Offering product sale and installation services in 81 provinces of Turkey, SECOM is taking firm steps forward with home, office and corporate electronic security services.


Workindo Teknoloji ve İnsan Kaynakları Danışmanlık A.Ş. was established in 2020 to offer solutions to the construction industry's problems of finding contractors, bidding for projects and accessing labor. EGAŞ has invested in Workindo, which is currently active in 5 countries. Workindo adds lasting value to the life of clients in all regions in which it operates, thanks to its entrepreneurship, smart strategies, the importance it attaches to inclusivity and diversity, innovative and sustainable business models, and investments in technology and human resources.

Subsidiaries Established Overseas

KIC (Kazakhstan Ijara Company Joint Stock Company)

Founded in 2013 and having started operations in early 2014, KIC is the first Financial Leasing company in Kazakhstan to comply with Islamic rules and regulations. Offering leasing services to predominantly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), KIC continues operations with a vision to become one of the biggest private leasing companies in Kazakhstan within five years.

ELC (Euroasia Leasing Company)

Founded in Tatarstan in 2012, "ELC" is the first "Islamic Financial Leasing" company to operate in Russia. Offering leasing services to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular, ELC is a leading Islamic financial leasing company in Russia.

EMIC (Euro - Mediterranean Investment Company Ltd.)

Founded in Nicosia in 2015, EMIC is the first and only Islamic Investment Company of Cyprus and the biggest international investment company in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC