• Easy Way to Pay!
Easy Way to Pay!

N Kolay Now Presents Convenience for Everyone to Make and Receive Payment.

N Kolay Ode is coming to serve a new payment experience!

Cafes, groceries, stores, taxi drivers, shops and so many other N Kolay Ode members will be able to sell their products/services without any commission and fee while Passolig cardholders will be able to pay with interest-free Easy Loan Packages!

Moreover, the opportunity to transfer money free-of-charge on 7/24 basis is a bonus.

For Businesses: Why N Kolay Ode?

  • Payment Platform for Millions of Passolig Cardholders
  • The opportunity to receive payment free of charge and commission
  • Fast
  • Secure​

  • How to Receive Payments?

    1-  Sign Up N Kolay Ode: Apply free-of-charge, and join N Kolay Ode.

    2-  C​reate your QR Code: This customized QR code will provide you to get the payment for your company. Print it out, and stick it at any location in your store.

    3-  Receive Payments: Let your customer pay by scanning your QR code.

    4-  Follow Up Your Account Closely: Follow up all payments, made through QR code, on the panel designed exclusive for you.

    Join in a few minutes enjoy commission-free, deduction-free and easy payments!


    For Passolig Cardholders:

    If you have a Passolig card, you can pay or transfer money with N Kolay easily on Passo Mobile Application, like millions of Passolig cardholders.

    If you want to transfer money without any commission, and have an easy, fast and secure shopping experience with your Passolig card, Passo Mobile offers an ideal solution for you: N Kolay Ode!

    What's more: If your available balance is not sufficient, you can pay without any interest and fee with Easy Loan Packages!  ​

  • Download the Passo Mobile application and log in
  • Go to the tab "Kartlarım" and click on the button "N Kolay İle Ode/Para Gonder " to make payment or transfer money
  • Scan the QR code through your camera
  • Enter the amount, and make your payment or money transfer action.
  • If your available balance is not sufficient, you can load money from any other bank's cards of you, or you can make use of your free-of-charge and interest-free limit with Easy Loan Packages.

  • Don't you think it is so easy?

    It's that easy! ​​​​​​​​​​