Asset-Based Securities


In accordance with the notification provisions of Asset and Mortgage Backed Securities of Capital Markets Board numbered III-58.1, asset financing fund means the asset which is established by a fund internal regulation and has no legal entity in accordance with the fiduciary property on behalf of people having ASB and with the money collected in exchange for asset backed securities. Fund asset is different from the asset of the founder, service provider and source institution.

Asset financing funds of Aktif Investment Bank Inc. founded by Aktif Bank are composed of credits supplied by Aktif Bank to real entities who get their retirement salaries through PTT. Repayments of these credits are made by deducting the credit installment amount from the retirement salary which will be paid by PTT and paying it to the creditor Bank within the consent of credit debtors. A life insurance policy is issued for all the credit customers during their credit period.

Credits which compose Aktif Bank and Fund portfolio as the whole process, service provider and guarantor regarding ASB export have been assessed by JCR Eurasia Rating company prior to export process and rated with “AAA”, which is the highest rate in local currency, while with “BB” in foreign currency which equals to Turkey’s credit rating.

Turkey’s first ASB export was carried out in 20th October 2011 by Aktif Bank from Export Market to Qualified Investor of Istanbul. All of the ASBs with a nominal value of 187,001,539 TL were sold out within 2 hours from the opening of the session.