​​​​​​​Aktif Bank is at your service with PTT all over Turkey!

You can make your banking transactions via PTT offices in all over Turkey instantly and easily. Aktif Bank provides you the benefits of making instant transactions from your account as a first bank ensuring online integration with PTT in Turkey.


Transactions that you can make in PTT branches:

UPT (Universal Payment​ Transfer)

  • Remittance Within or Outside the Country (TL, Euro or USD)
  • Remittance to Name as to be withdrew from all PTT branches and all UPT contracted countries 
  • Sending cash to Account number, IBAN or Credit/Cash Card Number
  • Paying from PTTs to credit cards of all banks and Remittance to all bank accounts

Instant Loan for the Retired

Instant Loan for the Retired

Investing Cash to Account

Withdrawing Cash from Account

Loan Collection

Investing Loan Installment


Insurance Policies

  • Automobile Insurance
  • Traffic
  • Household furniture
  • Personal Accident

​ Transactions that you can make in PTT ATMs:

  • ​Cardless cash investment transactions to the Personal and Institutional Account numbers of our Bank - The cash can be invested to the Aktif​ Bank Account Number, IBAN or Passolig Card number from nearly 2.000 PTT ATMs.