N Kolay enables TRY transfers to cryptocurrency platforms on 7/24 basis!

Perform TRY transfers to cryptocurrency platforms, free of charge and readily on 7/24 basis.


You can perform money transfer readily to cryptocurrency platforms from N Kolay mobile.

You will not pay any fee for any payment you will make to cryptocurrency platforms.

You can make your payments on 7/24 basis without any time constraint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I perform money transfer to cryptocurrency platforms?

You can transfer money readily by clicking on the Cryptocurrency Platform Transactions option available under the heading "Payments" at N Kolay Menu.

To which cryptocurrency platform can I transfer money?

You can readily perform money transfers to Paribu and to Bitexen.

Will I pay any commission for my cryptocurrency transfers?

No, you will not! You can perform your transactions free of charge on 7/24 basis.

Can I perform a transfer on 7/24 basis?

You can perform your transactions on 7/24 basis without any time constraint.

Can I perform money transfer in other currencies?

You can perform money transfers only in Turkish Lira.

How can I take a money transfer, I have sent to the cryptocurrency platform, back into my account?

You can transfer any balance of your account at the cryptocurrency platforms only by submitting a request for such purpose through the own applications of such platforms.

Can I follow-up my cryptocurrency transactions through N Kolay?

Our Bank only provides intermediation for the money transfers in Turkish Liras made to the cryptocurrency platforms. Our Bank shall not be liable for the transactions you have performed at the cryptocurrency platforms.

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