Aktif Ventures

Building, growing and investing in end-to-end financial technology, Aktif Ventures operates as a “fintech venture builder”. Establishing digital ventures from scratch, Aktif Ventures uses its own ideas and resources to grow these ventures to a certain size. As an investor, it also invests in technology companies to grow their potentials, while developing the best possible strategies and taking all required actions for their rapid growth.

Positioning itself as a fintech venture builder, Aktif Ventures has set off to become a global “fintech enabler”. In accordance with this aim, it strives to create a powerful ecosystem that generates solutions to meet the needs of society by managing fintech operations not only in Turkey but also in all European countries and the UK. The first venture built by Aktif Ventures for this purpose is Apilion, which is fully based on service banking infrastructure.

In addition, Aktif Ventures, together with Mindvest, the corporate venture-capital fund operating under its umbrella and supporting technological and innovative venture ideas, supports innovative, sustainable and creative financial technology ideas. It provides growth services and investment funds to financial technology ventures, which generate solutions that make life easier. Aktif Ventures, which will announce its micro and SME-focused digital banking fintech venture in the field of digital banking in the upcoming period, is getting ready to manage a wide portfolio with "indiBindi", its mobility solution that will soon be included in its portfolio.