Receivables Financing

Receivables Financing

Receivable Financing is the transaction in which your receivables on credit are liquidated prior to its maturity date in exchange for their being transferred to our Bank through assignment.

​Through Receivable Financing;

• ​A general contract is signed between your company and our Bank for your transactions.
• Transactions are carried out in exchange for invoices.
• Receivables are purchased without revocation.

Financing is provided for your receivables having credit insurance in your exportation and domestic sales. You can use your receivable financing through credit insurance policy.

Please click for further information about our financing models having a credit insurance.

Transaction costs range in accordance with the type of requested service, but there are for main cost items:
⦁ Discount cost (Interest rate)
⦁ Guarantee commission
⦁ Factoring service commission
⦁ Legal expenses ​