Emlak Girişim A.Ş.

Emlak Girişim Danışmanlık A.Ş. was founded to seize business opportunities in the real estate and construction industries, and to participate in investment projects, primarily those in the energy industry. The company boasts investments and activities in a wide variety of sectors such as renewable energy, electronic security solutions and human resources consulting.


One of the most important investments by Emlak Girişim A.Ş. is the Istanbul International Finance Center (IIFC), one of the largest regional planning projects of Turkey with a construction site sprawling over 3 million square meters, set to be one of the top financial hubs across the globe. Emlak Girişim A.Ş. also completed a significant investment as a profit and loss partner to the Metropol Istanbul project in the Ataşehir district. In addition, in 2017, the company became one of the leading players in the industry by investing in a 61 MWp solar power plant project. As of the year-end 2021, the company’s portfolio includes a solar power plant investment with a total energy generation capacity of 30.8 MWp, and biomass plant investments that will have a total energy generation capacity of 12 MWp once operational in 2022.