Aktif Tech

Aktif Tech is a technology company, which was established as a subsidiary of Aktif Bank to bring an innovative approach to payment and ticketing system software. Aktif Tech provides software solutions and end-to-end operation services with a high added-value to all its customers. Its customers include holdings, financial institutions and subsidiaries thereof, of all sizes, and in particular, payment institutions, e-money institutions abroad, and institutions that need ticketing software products. Aktif Tech continues to operate to share its experiences and technology on a global scale, particularly in the Balkans, Africa, Turkic Republics and CIS region.

Atlas card payment software, a payment system product by Aktif Tech, is an affordable, web-based platform, which enables full-function management of terminal products such as credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, POS, virtual POS and ATMs for financial institutions, payment and e-money institutions. It also supports multi-language options, and enables revision of products in accordance with the needs and demands of its customers. Apart from the services such as operations, system monitoring, fraud monitoring, project development and processing by means of current software technologies, Aktif Tech aims to provide card payment software as SaaS and ensure 100% customer satisfaction. With the ticketing software, which features dynamic pricing, product sales, gift vouchers etc., and can be on-prem or cloud-hosted depending on the customer's request, Aktif Tech strives to become a technology provider for all kinds of sports events, cultural and art events, and events or platforms requiring ticket sales domestically and internationally.