About Çalık Group

Established by Ahmet Çalık in 1981, Çalık Holding operates in 34 countries around the world with its companies in the fields of energy, construction, mining, textiles, and finance.

Recognized for its reputation, reliability, and long-term cooperation with global companies due to its ongoing operations in various regions of the world, Çalık Holding develops innovative business models and forges ahead by achieving sustainable growth in its lines of business. With the value it places on human resources and its employee-oriented management approach, Çalık Holding adheres to its economic, environmental, and social sustainability goals in all its investments, projects, and business.

As a United Nations Global Compact signatory, Çalık Holding prioritizes diversity, sustainability and durability in all sectors and regions it operates; acts in line with the principle of treating all cultures, faiths, ethnicities, and genders equally, and adopts an environmentally-friendly business approach.