Cash Loans

Revolving Loan (BHC)

• The loans, the interest rate of which may vary depending on the developments at the money markets. Interest will be collected at the end of each quarterly period. The principal amount of the loan may be settled either partially or wholly through liquidation of the collaterals or cash payments.​​ 



Spot Loan 

• The loans, the applicable interest rate and the maturity date of which is determined on the date of utilization. The principal and the interest amount will be collected on the maturity date.​​ 

 Installment Commercial Loan 

• The loans, which may be utilized by any business for any and all kinds of its requirements and which have a fixed interest rate and which will be repaid with equal or variable installments.​​ 

 Foreign Currency Loan 

• The loans, extended to the companies, which have foreign currency earnings, for the purpose of financing exports or the sales and deliveries, which are regarded as exports, and also the activities bringing in foreign exchange. ​​ 

 Discount/Negotiation Loans 

• This loan facility, which enables for liquidation of the trade receivables that have arisen from a business transaction and have not become due yet, is extended by repayment of the balance remaining after the deduction of the interest, to correspond to the period to elapse until the maturity date, and also commission and the statutory deductions such as the BITT (Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax). It provides convenience for satisfaction of their short-term cash requirements by the companies with a high volume of notes and cheques portfolio.