By making use of the Aktif Account, let your money gain value where it is!

Thanks to the Aktif Account feature identified to your account, any balance in excess of TRY 200 available in your account will be utilized automatically in overnight repo, and thus, your money will gain value, where it is, without requiring you to make any effort thereto.

• You can at any time withdraw the balance, utilized at the Aktif Account, as you wish, and you can use such balance for your payments or money transfers. Encashment will be performed automatically without requiring performance of any further process by you.

• You can monitor your accounts, identified with the Aktif Account feature, in the "My Accounts" field available in the Internet Branch.

• The repo interest rate to apply may change depending on the market conditions.

You can have your account identified with the Aktif Account feature by making use of our Internet Branch or by dialing 0850 724 30 50, our Communication Center or by applying to our branches.

Aktif Account is not a deposit product, and it is not covered by the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.