About Private Banking

We, as Aktif Bank Private Banking, have adopted the principle to provide you with exclusive service and high level of satisfaction. Our specialized staff members are committed to provide the fastest and top-quality service by delivering the best performance.

Our staff aspires to establish a long-term relationship, based on trust, by taking into account the financial objectives, investment preferences and risk perceptions of our clients.

Our staff is not only readily and quickly accessible, but also makes efforts to contribute to the time management of our clients by visiting them on-site, if and when they so request. You can also contact us by dialing 0 212 213 26 66 whenever you wish..

While querying the advantages, to be created for the benefit of the clients, of being an Investment Bank, our staff also adopts the principle for creation of value by enhancing the product range and service quality to the highest standards by following up the innovations and the market conditions, closely.

Our Investment Products

Aktif Bond:

Aktif Bond, we have started to issue in 2009 and which is proven to be the most-saving bank bill for years, is a product that enables its investors to derive high return for the maturity terms, starting with 30 days, or longer.

ABS (Asset-Backed Securities):

We provide the investors with the investment opportunity to derive high return by making use of the ABS, we have been issuing since 2011 and having the AAA rating.  Nominal ABS, amounting to 2.1 billion TRY, have been purchased by the investors at 9 issuances, we have performed up until the present, and 5 issuances have already been redeemed upon being repaid in full. Furthermore, the first ABS issuance, whereby the underlying asset consisted of the vendor loans, was accomplished in 2016.


In 2013, we accomplished the issuance of 3 Lease Certificates for the Istanbul Finance Center Project for a maturity term of 1 year, by making use of the issuance of Lease Certificates for the first time in Turkey for the purpose of project finance.

Funded Aktif Bond:

Funded Aktif Bond is a product, among the Aktif Bond range, which offers an advantageously additional return for the investors that wish to diversify their portfolios and to make use of the portion, as determined by Aktifbank, of the investment amount with an investment fund.

Debenture Bond With Fixed-Rate Coupon Payment:

Debenture Bond With Fixed-Rate Coupon Payment is a product, which is exclusive to the investors who wish to invest the principal for a long term and which offers the advantage to derive an addition return of 0.25%.

Bond With Incremental Interest Rate:

BWIIR (Bond With Incremental Interest Rate) is a product, which runs with the then interest on deposits at the market during the maturity period of the transaction, and which protects our clients against any interest hike. The client will fix the Aktif Bond at a certain rate on the initial trading day, and the Average Deposit Levels (Institutional Investment Managers' Association Deposits Index) will be checked at the first business day of each month.  If and when the average deposit levels increases as compared to the previous month, then the full amount or a certain portion of such increase will be added on to the interest derived by the client from the Aktif Bond, and the client will start to make use of its investment with a higher interest.