International Letters of Guarantee

Issuing International Letters of Guarantee (External Guarantee)

External letters of guarantee are irrevocable payment liabilities issued by the bank for delivery of a good, payment of a debt, execution of a work  addressed to payers and institutions abroad.
If the guarantee which is subject to the letter is not fulfilled on time in accordance with the contract between the parties, the amount specified in the letter is paid by the bank to the payer on the first demand.
Aktif Bank issues letters of guarantee to the payers abroad by referring to the demands of the customers and concludes the transactions in a fast way and under appropriate conditions with the help of its correspondent network.

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Receiving Letters of Guarantee from Abroad (Counter Guarantee)

Letters of guarantee received from abroad are counter guarantees in Foreign Exchange or TL which are sent from the correspondent banks in order to issue a letter of guarantee addressing to the people residing in Turkey.
Our Bank guarantees counter guarantees which are issued by the beneficiary's bank addressing to Aktif Bank and can issue letters of guarantee addressing to our customers. In such transactions; our bank takes the risk of the correspondent bank, so  there is no limitation in terms of the company. For further information please call us.​