Revolving Credit

It provides you company the opportunity of withdrawing money in any amount any time, zeroing risks or completely paying off the credit, provided that it is within the previously specified maturity and limits.

Interest rate is determined in accordance with the market conditions and accrual of interest regarding the credit occurs once in three months (as of the end of March, June, September and December) and during paying off the credit in any case.

Revolving credits can be repaid partially or completely prior to its maturity. Repayment can be made in cash or through the collection of customers’ guaranteed cheques and bonds.

You can reuse your credit if your credit limit and assurance order are appropriate.

Spot Credit​

Your company uses the whole credit at once and repays the whole credit again at the end of maturity date.

Interest rate which will be applied for this credit in order to fulfill your short term financing needs is determined in accordance with the market conditions of the date when this credit is used; and this rate remains stable until the end of maturity date.

Our bank’s maximum interest rate is annually 30 % in TL commercial credits of 12, 24 months and over 24 months while it is annually 15 % in USD / EURO foreign currency commercial credits.​