Aktif Bonds

Now, just invest in the Aktif Bond to become a partner to the returns and services offered by Aktif Bank, which differentiates from its competitors thanks to its new generation banking model!

Thanks to our New Generation Banking Model, we provide you with the opportunity to enjoy the qualified investment and high return offered by the Aktif Bond.

By making use of the Aktif Bond, our investors will benefit from the opportunity to derive a high return for them while enjoying the opportunity to provide finance to the value-added projects created for our country and economy by Aktif Bank.

Aktif Bond Offers High Return

We have earned the justified trust and reputation in the eyes of the qualified and professional investors thanks to the Aktif Bond with a volume of 17.5 billion TRY, we have been issuing since 2009.

We have the opportunity to sell bonds for any maturity period, as desired by the investors, since we are the largest privately-owned investment bank in the industry.

New Generation Banking

We, as Aktif Bank, sell the products such as collection of millions of bills, money transfers, insurance polices in addition to the extension of loans, by making use of the wide distribution network, covering 10 thousand merchants, for the time being, with a wide range incorporating not only the fueling stations but also the grocery stores. Our products are being used in more than 200 countries at 5 continents, and we enable the performance of 30 million transactions a year without making use of the branch network of the bank.

We keep our costs low but increase our revenues thanks to this concept, we call as the New Generation Banking. Thus, we provide our investors, who invest their savings at Aktif Bank, with the opportunity to derive higher gains, and we offer favorable terms also for the clients that are in need of cash.

Tailored Private Banking

We experience the pride of creating the opportunity to access to the liquidity for our investors, who do not want to encash their bonds prematurely, by creating the most liquid bond at the market by entering the buying-selling quotations between 09:15 - 17:00 at Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange), on daily basis, for our clients.