Aktif Bank Communication Center


Aktif Bank Communication Center

You can carry out all your banking transactions at any moment via Voice Response System or by contacting customer representative. With fee and price advantages, you can safely perform all your banking transactions except withdrawals. We are as close as a phone call!

You can reach out Aktif Bank Communication Center 24/7 by calling 0850 724 30 50 within the country, +90 850 724 30 50 from abroad.

All our customers who have account or loan at Aktif Bank can create their passwords by calling 0850 724 30 50 Aktif Bank Communication Center and dialing 2.



Account Details and Transactions

Opening Account

Active Account Identification

Active Account Update



FX Transactions

Limit Informations

Exchange Rates

Fund Transactions


Fund Prices and Returns

Security Settings

Account Restriction

Transaction Restriction

Setting Transfer Limits

IP Restriction



Password Setting via Telephone Banking

Password Settings via Internet Banking


Check Transactions

Aktif Bank Checks

Barter Checks

Collection Checks

Guarantee Checks



Inter-Account Transfer


Quick Transfer Records

Remittance Instructions

Instruction Change / Cancellation


Quick EFT Records

EFT Instructions

Instruction Change / Cancellation


Remittance to PTT

Fast Transfer to PTT



Credit Monitoring

Credit Payment



Reminder Services

Cash Flow

Card Transactions

Card Information and Transaction Overview

Setting Card Password

Transfer to Card

Fast Transfer to Card

Telephone Banking Transaction Limits 

Transaction Type  Instant Limit​ Daily Limit
EFT 100,000 TL 100,000 TL
Remittance 50,000 TL or equivalent amount of foreign currency 50,000 TL or equivalent amount of foreign currency
Buy FX 500,000 TL or equivalent amount of foreign currency 500,000 TL or equivalent amount of foreign currency
Sell FX 500,000 TL or equivalent amount of foreign currency 500,000 TL or equivalent amount of foreign currency
Arbitrage 20,000 USD or equivalent amount of foreign currency 20,000 USD or equivalent amount of foreign currency

Telephone Banking Service Hours

Transaction Type Service Hours​
EFT 09:00 -16:30​


Voice Response System


You can perform the following operations via our Voice Response System.




Learn How to Get a Loan

Learn Your Application Status

Get Information About Your Current Credit

Making a Loan Payment

Learn Early Payment Amount of Loan




Telephone Banking Password Settings

Internet Banking Password Settings

Telephone Banking Unblocking

Unblocking SIM Card


N Kolay Bond Transactions


Learning Bond Balance

Buying Bonds


Banking Operations


Opening Account

Learning your Account Balance

Learning your Account Number

Learning your IBAN Number

Other Banking Transactions


Card Transactions


Passo Credit Card Transactions

N Kolay Bank Card Transactions

N Kolay Wallet Card Transactions


Internet Branch, Support Services

Retail Internet Banking

Corporate Internet Banking


Mobile Phone and Information Update Operations

Phone Number Update

Email Address Update

Contact Address Update

ID Information Update





Mersis – Mersis

Telex – Telex



Aktif Bank Headquarters

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HostAktif Yatırım Bankası A.Ş.
Telex28807 cal tr
Unit in ChargeAlternative Sales Channels and Contact Center
Trade NameAktif Yatırım Bankası A.Ş.
Trade Registry Number424040

You can find our contact information above due to our obligation to provide information within the scope of the “Regulation on Service Providers and Intermediary Service Providers in Electronic Commerce” dated 26.08.2015. You can send your opinions, suggestions and complaints 24/7 by calling our Contact Center or using the contact form.