Structured Financing Models

 Warehouse / Commodity Financing 

• Warehouse Financing: The type of financing provided to the businesses that make use of the commodities, which are stored and protected at the warehouses that satisfy the standards as set by Aktifbank and which can be traded in particular at the spot market, as a guarantee. ​​ 

• Commodity Financing: The method of acceptance of the products, which are traded at the international markets and exchanges of trade in which our customers do business and which are deemed appropriate by Aktifbank, as a guarantee, and provision of financing in return. ​​ 



EWR Loan  

• Electronic Warehouse Receipt (EWR) is an electronic receipt issued to represent the products available in the licensed warehouses. EWR Loan is a financing product that may be utilized by any of our customers, holding such receipt, by providing any and all agricultural products as a guarantee to our Bank during the course of the warehousing, for the purpose of satisfying its working capital requirements.​​ 

• In order for being able to utilize such loan, the products must be stored at the licensed warehouses for which a business license is granted in accordance with the procedures and principles as set out in the Law, dated 10/02/2005 and numbered 5300, on Licensed Warehousing of Agricultural Products, and the Regulation, dated 12/11/2011 and numbered 28110, on Electronic Warehouse Receipts as promulgated by the Ministry of Customs and Trade, and also such other applicable regulations. 

 Project Loan  

• Project Finance loans are provided for new projects, investments, mergers, acquisitions, and asset purchases. The source of repayment of these loans are based substantially on the cash flows to be generated by the project.  

 Receivable Financing 

• The transaction whereby your forward receivables are turned into cash before the due date in return for their transfer to our Bank by way of assignment.