Sigortayeri Sigorta ve Reasürans Brokerliği A.Ş. expanded its partnerships in 2021, achieving growth in net sales revenues and further cementing its position as "Turkey's largest domestic broker" providing insurance and consulting services to retail and corporate customers. 

Sigortayeri expanded upon its partnership deals with leading players in the retail industry for its digital services, enhancing the integration of its insurance capability into customer-based “ecosystems".

In line with its principle of facilitating access to financial services, Sigortayeri offered digitized services to customers with its range of customizable, comparative products that cater to the needs of end customers and robust retail insurance distribution network.

Offering corporate insurance solutions in different fields, Sigortayeri continued to take part in the insurance placement of major projects in Turkey and many other countries in the region. Sigortayeri has taken part in major insurance coverages and financial insurance products in the energy, construction, healthcare, textile, automotive and financial services industries, and strengthened its privileged position by gaining more experience in trade receivables insurance, bail bonds, engineering, professional liability, cyber risk and project finance insurance products that replace or supplement banking solutions.

In renewable energy, Sigortayeri developed a special insurance facility suitable for project development for the construction and operation phases of solar and wind power plants, enabling the company to maintain its sector leadership in SPP project insurance in 2021. The company is the insurance broker for 30% of Turkey's solar power generation.