If There Is No Money in the Account,
Overdraft Support Account Stands By You!

You can either shop or withdraw cash or use it for your payments. Your overdraft up to TRY 5.000 is at your disposal just at the time you need.


· Your approved limit is available in your account on continuous basis.

· You can make use of your limit either for your payments or withdraw cash with no cost through the ATMs of your banks in Turkey by making use of your debit card.

· You can readily submit an application at any time through N Kolay or our website.

· Your money will be transferred to your account on 7/24 basis upon the approval of your application.

  • It stands by you even if you do not have money
  • Use it as you wish
  • Have your limit identified to your account instantly

Application and Use

What is Overdraft Support Account interest?

The monthly interest rate for the Overdraft Support Account is 4.42%. (taxes excluded)

When shall I repay my Overdraft Support Account debt?

1. Payment of the Interest for the Use of Overdraft Support Account; Upon the utilization of your Overdraft Support Account, your account balance will become in debit up to the amount you utilized. Your interest debt will be calculated by applying daily interest on your account balance for each day in which your account balance is in debit. On the last business day of the month, the amount arising from the utilization during such month will be reflected as debit on your account together with the interest thereon, and the Overdraft Support Account debt is required to be repaid within a period of 30 days following the date of reflection of such debt on your account statement.

Interest for 1 day will be applied after you have closed your Overdraft Support Account for use within the same day. In respect of the weekends and non-business days, in the event that you have used your overdraft support account limit and closed it within the same day, then interest will be applied for the period to elapse until the next business day.

The utilized amount, as reflected on the account statement at the end of the month, is required to be deposited into the account. Your Overdraft Support Account will be settled automatically upon sufficient cash inflow into your drawing account, to which your Overdraft Support Account is linked. Aktif Bank shall be entitled to close your Overdraft Support Account limit for use if and when the repayment of such debt is defaulted. You will pay no interest or fee unless you utilize your Overdraft Support Account limit.

2. Repayment of the Principal for the Overdraft Support Account; you are required to repay the entire amount of the principal, you have utilized from your Overdraft Support Account, within a period of 360 days, at the latest. Aktif Bank shall be entitled to close your Overdraft Support Account limit for use if and when the repayment of your debt is defaulted. Principal overdue interest will be applied on the basis of 4.72%.

How can I view my Overdraft Support Account interest debt?

You can view the interest debt, reflected at the end of the month due to the utilization of the Overdraft Support Account, through the Internet Branch account activities tab or from the account statement sent to your e-mail address.

How can I repay my debt with respect to utilization of the Overdraft Support Account?

-Through the Aktif Bank Internet Branch,

- At the Aktif Bank Branches,

- Through all PTT Branches and Pttmatiks,

- Through the Vakifbank ATMs,

- By performing a money transfer (EFT) to your account held with Aktif Bank from the account you hold with any bank,

- You can make the payment for your installment from a bank account by depositing money into your account through the ATMs of other banks by making use of N Kolay Debit Card.

Payment through Pttmatik;

Go to the In-Network Bank Transactions menu,

Select Aktif Bank Transactions,

Click on the button "Deposit Cash Into Account",

Select the debit card number or the account number,

Enter the required details and mobile phone number,

Select the description field.

You can deposit your cash into your account after acknowledging the transaction fee.

Payment through Vakifbank ATMs;

Go to the cardless transactions menu,

Select Aktif Bank Transactions,

Enter the Debit Card number or the account number,

Complete the details on the screen,

Enter your Republic of Turkey ID Number and mobile phone number,

Check the details on the screen,

You can deposit your cash into your account upon the acknowledgment of the transaction fee.

How is the Overdraft Support Account limit determined?

It is determined as based on the policies of Aktif Bank.

Rates and Prices

Loan Amount

Utilization Period (Days)

​Interest Rate

Total Repayment

500 TL



500,96 TL

500 TL



506,70 TL

500 TL



514,37 TL

500 TL



528,73 TL

*No fee or commission is charged for the Overdraft Support Account. You will make the interest payment only for the amount you have utilized and the number of the days of such utilization. Taxes and funds are included in the interest amount payable in the calculation.

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