Financing Solutions

 Eximbank Loans 

• These loans are given by Eximbank to the exporter companies, either through the commercial banks or directly by itself, for the purpose of supporting exports. Loans may be utilized for short, mid or long term​​.



CBRT Rediscount Loans 

• These are the loans given to the companies by rediscounting the promissory notes issued by a company as a debtor, at the interest rates determined by the Central Bank, for the purpose of financing the foreign exchange earnings of the companies. The necessary information about the details of such loans, the implementing principles and the interest rates thereto are available on the website of the CBRT.​​ 

 Export Letter of Credit (L/C) Discounting 

• Any confirmed or unconfirmed letter of credit, opened in favor of any export customer of us, would be discounted upon the complying presentation and the amount of such documents would be paid irrevocably to our customer before the maturity date, and thus, the companies may obtain financing without utilizing a cash loan facility, and enable liquidity on their balance sheets.  

 Export Bill of Exchange Discounting  

• Our exporter companies may be provided with financing by discounting the bills of exchange avalised by the international banks. Our customers may collect their receivables before the due date and create source of financing to them without utilizing a cash loan facility. 

 Export Credit Agency Loans (ECA) 

• Aktif Bank provides financing opportunity to its importer customers with export country credits provided from Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) taking the risk of the importing country by insuring receivables.​​ 

• Country loans are more advantageous than the bank loans since they have a long maturity period and a relatively lower interest rate.​​ 


• It refers to the purchase of your receivables, which arise from your export transactions and which are not due yet and which are linked to any letter of credit guaranteed by the bank of the importer, commercial paper, bill of exchange or such other instrument, irrevocably by our Bank. 

• It provides the exporter with irrevocable financing, and it is not reflected as a loan facility on the balance sheet of the exporter. It provides the importer with the opportunity to import without utilizing a cash loan.