N Kolay enables you to withdraw cash through an ATM by means of QR code!

N Kolay now introduces the age of withdrawing cash cardless and contactless through the ATM! By making use of N Kolay mobile, you can withdraw cash by QR code through all ATMs in Turkey without being subject to any limit in terms of the number; besides, you will not pay any fee.


You can readily withdraw cash through all ATMs in Turkey.

You will not pay any fee for your transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Through which ATMs can I withdraw cash?

You can transact through any ATM, as you wish, in Turkey.

Will I pay any transaction fee?

You will not pay any fee for any cash withdrawal through the ATMs in Turkey by making use QR code or N Kolay debit card.

Is there any transaction limit for cash withdrawal?

You can withdraw cash for indefinite times. However, a daily cash withdrawal limit of TRY 5.000 applies. A common cash withdrawal limit applies for cash withdrawal by making use of a card or QR code.

In which currencies can I withdraw cash?

You can withdraw cash only in TRY by making use of the QR code.

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