Corporate Management

Message from the Chairman

Ahmet Çalık


We are focused on making life easier with our innovative mindset in a digital world.

2019 was a time of recovery in which traces of the volatile year of 2018 were erased. Thanks to the measures taken and the improvements in current account balance, exchange rates remained largely stable throughout the year. Tight fiscal policies adopted in the first half of the year helped balance inflation in a gradual manner, while domestic demand continued to recover in the rest of the year. In the light of these developments, we entered 2020 with a more optimistic growth projection of 5 percent.

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Message from the CEO

Ayşegül Adaca

CEO and Board Member

Being the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, we continue to materialize remarkable accomplishments thanks to our business manner with no precedent in the industry, as well as our innovative approach.  We are proud to create employment in more than 10 business lines, where we serve, and also to reach out our 10 million customers in every aspect of life by means of the productivity, we have been enhancing by making use of our resources optimally, and also our fintech subsidiaries, each of which is a leading player in its market.

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