Corporate Management Organization

Information Technologies Group

IT is responsible for developing and executing IT mission and strategy that supports Bank's innovative vision and business plans; meeting technological requirements of customers and other Bank units in accordance with international standards and up-to-date norms in a reliable and effective way as well as implementing such projects that are needed to meet the tactical and strategical objectives and delivering high quality infrastructure services. It aims to contribute to Bank's competitiveness by operating Bank's technological infrastructure and processes in a way that keeps track of agile and up-to-date methodologies.

Retail Banking Group​

Retail, Digital and Payment Systems Group is responsible for managing the Bank’s sales channels; cooperating and coordinating the Group companies’ sales activities, as well as determining the development of strategies, pricing, sales channel development and infrastructure of the Bank's channel management, retail loans, and other individual products in line with its mission, vision and objectives and in accordance with the banking legislation. The Group executes these activities in the most productive way assuring the Bank’s interests, provides cooperation and coordination with the subsidiaries in retail banking activities, coordinates new products offered to customers, monitors other individual banking trends in the sector and takes organizational actions to reach the goals and results in all these activities.

  • Alternative Sales Channels and Contact Center
  • Retail Banking Sales Management
  • Retail Banking Marketing and Credits
  • Retail Credit Risk Monitoring and Tracking
  • Central Data Office
  • Digital Banking Marketing and Channel Management

Finance and Credits

Finance Credits and Capital Markets Group is responsible for forming the Bank's budget and expenditure policies, and managing the expenditure and investment processes within the frame of the budget targets, informing and advising the top management through business line, product, channel, customer-basis and carrying out bank-wide financial performance analyses. The Group is also responsible for building up strategies concerning the countries and sectors where the Bank will make new investments or business partnerships, arranging the partnership structure of the subsidiaries to be established providing the maximum benefit for the Bank, informing and directing senior management. The group aims to develop and issue capital market instruments targeting local and international investors and responsible for doing research about capital market products, managing the relationships with the financial institutions, following up national capital market legislation as well as international practice and developing business for the integration of these innovations in this sphere.

  • Financial Reporting Business Profitability and Tax Management
  • Bank Budget Management and Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Subsidiary Management
  • Capital Markets
  • Corporate Credit Allocation

International Banking Group

International Banking Group is responsible for leading international banking activities via constructing the Bank’s international financial marketing strategy as well as generating and marketing new products for Bank's corporate clients.

  • International Banking Marketing
  • Global Trade Management

Treasury and Private Banking Group

Treasury Group is responsible for managing the Bank's stock securities portfolio, completing money market transactions, and monitoring all market policies and determining private banking strategies and managing the sales function.

  • Treasury Management
  • Treasury Sales
  • Private Banking and Investment Services

Legal Group

Legal Group is responsible for fulfilling the institutional and legal obligations, steering in order to ensure compliance with laws and consultancy activities.

Internal Systems Group

Internal Systems Group is responsible for auditing and controlling all the processes of the Bank to provide their accordance with the internal regulations, managing policies and procedures, determining and managing Credit Risks, Market Risks and Operational Risks and keeping these under control within the frame of the risk management policies.

  • Internal Audit
  • Internal Control
  • Legislation and Compliance
  • Fraud Prevention

Talent, Organizational Development and Operations Group

Human Resources Group is responsible for human resources, planning and managing selection and placement, training and development, internal communications, performance management, career and talent management, salary and award systems, payroll management and personnel affairs processes.

Operations functions are responsible for managing branches and alternative distribution channels’ operations providing high quality and productivity in the services offered to the customers.

  • People Experience
  • People Analytics
  • People Relations
  • Support Services
  • Operations

Customer Experience and Communication Group

Customer Experience and Communication Group is committed to establishing a fully customer-oriented relationship and communication, based on the customer requirements and convenience, and also promoting a customer-driven corporate culture. The Group is aimed at providing the customers with exclusive and customized experience by becoming closely acquainted with them. By adopting such an approach, the Group employs an understanding which is hassle-free at any point whereby the Bank and the brands of its subsidiaries come into contact with their customers and which minds the customers and provides them with the solutions that meet the requirements. The Group is responsible for marketing communication, corporate communication, sponsorship and event management, digital marketing as well as all experience processes to be offered to the customers in line with the communication strategy and objectives of the Bank and its subsidiaries.

  • Customer Experience
  • Customer Experience and Marketing Communication
  • Customer Experience and Digital Marketing

Corporate Banking Group

Corporate Banking Group is responsible for forming funding foundations, evaluating public and private sector projects, providing financing and managing cooperation to be established in this respect. The Group develops products related to cash management, implements corporate credit policies, credit evaluation criteria and strategies, monitors the effects of corporate segment and project credits to the Bank’s balance sheet and profitability, follows up the firms that are submitted to legal proceedings in coordination with Legal Group.

  • Corporate Credits
  • Corporate Marketing
  • Realty Project Development and Application
  • Business Development and Corporate Finance

The Risk Management

The Risk Management Department is managed to measure the risks encountered in the Bank's activities, to establish risk management policies and to ensure that the risks are kept within the risk limits determined according to the strategic targets considering international best practices.

IT Security Department

IT Security Department is responsible for carrying out activities and standards for ensuring the information security of the Bank, establishing, developing, providing improvements and following up on these processes.

Corporate Credit Allocation

Corporate Credit Allocation Department aims to manage the credit risk, which is one of the crucial risks that Aktif Bank (the Bank) carries. In line with the Bank's principles and strategies, it carries out the tasks of granting loans to corporate customers, controlling the risk of loans given, determining, measuring, approving and monitoring. Corporate Credit Allocation Department ensures that the Bank's resources are used pursuant to the principles of "Reliability", "Liquidity" and "Efficiency".

Customer Solutions Group

Customer Solutions Group is the smiling face of the bank and its subsidiaries. Customer focused, prudent, expert teams of the group reach customers through different channels, receive their requests and transaction orders. Customer Solutions Group meets the banking and financial needs of its customers and carries out their transactions. The group provides customer-focused solutions for business needs and works to solve the customer's problem in the most accurate and fast way. The group also designs processes and services to better serve customers.