Easy Cash

Easy Cash with no interest, cost for 30 days! Utilize Easy Cash up to TRY 10.000, and repay within 30 days.


⦁ If you utilize Easy Cash up to TRY 10.000 and repay it within 30 days, you will not pay any interest of even TRY 1.00.

⦁ Your money will be transferred to your account immediately, even if it is weekend.

⦁ You can pay your package in one go within 60 days.

⦁ You can either withdraw cash or use it for your payments.

  • No interest, no cost
  • It is at your disposal for your urgent cash needs on 7/24 basis
  • Single installment 
  • Use it as you wish

Application and Use

What is Easy Cash?

Easy Cash is a consumer loan which is created to be extended for a definite period for the purpose of responding immediately to their needs and which can be utilized in smaller amounts, as compared to the standard consumer loans, and in a single installment for their payments or spending through a POS. After utilizing your cash with a limit of TRY 10.000 in maximum, you can repay it with 0% interest within the first 30 days, or you can repay it together with the interest thereon on the 60th day which is the maturity date.

How Will I Utilize Easy Cash?

You can submit an application for your Easy Cash through the N Kolay website or the mobile application.

If you are a customer of Aktif Bank, your money will be transferred to your account instantly upon the approval of your application for Easy Cash. If you are not a customer of Aktif Bank, a Customer Information Form and the free of charge N Kolay debit card will be delivered to you by our courier following the approval of your application. Your money will be transferred to your account within the same day following the delivery.   

* Interest will be charged on the basis of the number of the days elapsed as of the date of utilization in respect of the payments made 30 days after the utilization of the Easy Cash.

**You can utilize the Easy Cash limit for once in one. You need to repay the currently outstanding Easy Cash before utilizing a new Easy Cash.

Rates and Prices

Loan Amount Utilization Period (Days) Interest Rate Total Repayment
10.000 TL 10 %0 10.000,00 TL
10.000 TL 15 %0 10.000,00 TL
10.000 TL 30 %0 10.000,00 TL
10.000 TL 31 %6.29 10.844,96 TL
10.000 TL 60 %6.29 11.635,40 TL

* Easy Cash is the campaign name of a consumer loan which can be repaid without any interest within a period of 30 days following the date of utilization and which can be utilized up to a maximum amount of TRY 10.000, and Aktif Bank shall be entitled to cease, change and cancel the campaign.

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