You now have the key to the world of sports and entertainment!

Passolig Credit Card not only enables you to access stadiums safely with your beloved ones and watch any match you like without any problems but is also accepted instead of cash money in Turkey and abroad.


If you want, you can shop using your credit card or withdraw cash money. Furthermore, in each of your shopping transactions using Passolig Credit Card, you financially contribute to the sports club you support. You can extend the term of your Passolig Card Annual E-Ticket and maintain the right to buy tickets and enter stadiums. Depending on your preference, you can extend the E-Ticket usage period of your card immediately from Passo Mobil application,, N Kolay merchant or you can give an E-Ticket usage time extension instruction.

Please click here to extend the term of your E-Ticket. Click​ here to give E-Ticket renewal order.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make my credit card payment?

You can make your Passolig Credit Card payment from:

  • Aktif Bank Internet Banking,
  • At PTT Offices,
  • At PTTMatic Points,
  • At N Kolay Merchants,
  • At Vakıfbank ATMs,
  • Through EFT from your bank accounts.

For any queries about Passolig Credit Card, please call Passolig Contact Center at 0850 724 33 44.

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