Get your pension from PTT and use your credit instantly from PTT offices all over Turkey.

You can immediately come to the nearest PTT Office and get your loan up to 100.000 TL instantly.  

  • Special interest rate for you
  • Money is instantly in your account
  • Withdraw your money from all PTTs

Monthly / Annual Effective Interest Cost Table

Interest Rate


Loan Amount

 Installment Amount​

Loan Allocation Fee*

Monthly Effective Interest

Annual Effective Interest



10.000 TL

539,68 TL

55,00 TL



*Interest rate may vary according to credibility. The 3.19% monthly contractual interest rate used in the calculation is the lowest interest rate. Loan Allocation fee is 0.5% of the loan amount and includes 10% BITT. Insurance is not included in the calculations. The insurance premium will vary depending on the loan amount, loan term and the age of the customer.

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