Advantages of Financial Leasing

​​• It provides an opportunity of financing for the investments up to 100 %.​

• If investments are financed through leasing method, shareholder’s equity and credit limits in the banks are not used. So that, they can be directed to the other fields within the other company.

• Cash flow can be planned through flexible rental payments which are the most appropriate for the fund flow of the companies.

• Leasing Contract and assurance within the scope of the contract are exempt from all kinds of tax, due and charge. Except for rents including VAT, only notary and administration expenses are paid.

• VAT of the rent which is paid can be entered in the account from VAT debts of the companies.

• Rented equipment is transferred to the lessee with a symbolic price at the end of the period.

• If you have an investment incentive certificate, you can use your incentive provided that you transfer the part of your incentive certificate in the amount of your investment to us.

• In leasing transaction, purchasing (domestic and exportation) transactions are carried out by you, so it doesn’t bring any operational load on your company.

• Amortization is allocated by the lessee for the equipment which is purchased through leasing​.