N Kolay Payment and Electronic Money Institution

Boasting Turkey’s largest and widest network in the payment services sector, N Kolay has been providing its customers with easy access to reliable services for 14 years through more than 570 N Kolay Stores and 3,500 Shop-in-Shop locations.


N Kolay started to provide payment services at more than 9,000 locations through its cooperation with the largest retail stores in Turkey, and increased the number of its physical service locations to over 13,000 in all of 81 provinces.


Providing services to its retail customers at physical locations, N Kolay also provides payment service provider services with APIs to other organizations operating in its respective sector. To serve this end, N Kolay continues its cooperation with E-Para, which is owned by three GSM operators.


N Kolay handles approximately 80 million transactions annually, primarily comprised of bill collections and domestic/international money transfers, and acts as an intermediary in payment transactions worth TRY 7.2 billion.


With the Operational Expansion permit obtained from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey at the end of 2020, POS services began to be provided to small and medium-sized enterprises during the year. 2022 is a year in which N Kolay aims to achieve growth in POS services.


With the synergy created by the POS service it will provide, N Kolay also aims to provide services that cater to the finance needs of SMEs through a platform that will work in integration with banks.