You Never Pay Card Fee with Passo Credit Card!

Passo Credit Card is a credit card which you can do shopping without paying any card fee, withdraw cash advance or installment cash advance and also use in your expenditures in millions of shops having a MasterCard/Visa emblem in each part of the world.


​With your Passo Credit Card, you can 24/7 withdraw cash advance from ATMs having Electron or Maestro emblem inside and outside the country.​ You can apply for Passo Credit Card from all the branches of Aktif Bank. Please click to see branches.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I pay my PASSO Credit Card debt from?

You can top up your PASSOLIG Wallet Pre-Paid Card at the following service points;

  • PTT Offices,
  • PTTMatic Points,
  • N Kolay Merchants,
  • Vakıfbank ATMs,
  • EFT from your bank accounts.

Passo Mobile app is always with you!

The shortest way to go to the stadium, passes through Passo Mobile.