N Kolay Debit Card for your Shopping and Cash Needs!

You can withdraw money from all ATMs in Turkey by using N Kolay Debit Card.

It is valid in all shopping spots (offline & online) that sale with Mastercard and Visa Card.

You can view all of your transactions and card balance via Aktif Bank Internet Banking.

To get a password you can send a SMS as SIFRE space last 4 digits of your card number space first 2 digits of CVV space 4 digits password with numbers that you decide to 3050.

You can call us (0850 724 3050) for further question about N Kolay Debit Card.

All transactions are in your pocket
with N Kolay Mobile app!

N Kolay Mobile is available for all your banking needs! You can make all your transactions, get loan, and make investment.