Meet N Kolay for free of charge money transfer!

Perform your money transfers on 7/24 basis through N Kolay without paying any cost.


You can perform your money transfers readily through N Kolay mobile or our Internet branch.

You will not pay any cost of even a piaster for any of your money transfers in TRY.

You can make use of Easy Address for transferring money.

You can create future-dated transfer orders for being sent at any time as you wish.

By recording your accounts or cards, by which you will perform transfers, you will not need to enter the details every time.

  • The convenience to transact on 7/24 basis
  • The convenience to transact by means of Easy Address
  • The convenience to create orders
  • The convenience to record money transfers

Frequently Asked Questions

Is money transfer free of charge?

N Kolay enables TRY money transfers free of charge. You can perform any transfer as you wish without being required to pay any cost for money transfers in TRY.

How can I perform a money transfer through N Kolay?

You can perform money transfers as you wish through the Transactions-> Money Transfers tab after logging in the application.

Can I perform money transfers on 7/24 basis?

You can perform your money transfers up to TRY 5.000 by means of FAST on 7/24 basis. You can perform your money transfers in excess of TRY 5.000 by means of EFT between 09:00 - 17:00 during the weekdays.

What are the limits for money transfers?

You can send money at a minimum amount of TRY 1.00 and a maximum amount of TRY 500.000, on daily basis.

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