N Kolay enables Foreign Currency, Gold and Silver trading.

Perform your foreign currency, gold and silver trading quickly for 5 days on 7/24 basis through N Kolay Mobile and Aktif Bank Internet Branch.

N Kolay FX Features

• Our customers can trade foreign currency and commodity trading for 5 weekdays on 24 hours basis by logging in N Kolay Mobile or Aktif Bank Internet Branch.

• Foreign currency and precious commodity markets can be monitored simultaneously.

• There are 19 currency and commodity pairs for which you can transact.

• You can monitor the details about the transactions, you will have performed, through your trading book.

  • Ease of transacting on 5/24 basis
  • Live monitoring of the currency and commodity markets
  • Advantageous exchange rate opportunity
  • Automatic trading by means of ordering feature

Application and Use

What is N Kolay FX?

You can readily perform currency and commodity trading by making use of the N Kolay FX tab available in N Kolay Mobile or Aktif Bank Internet Branch.

You can simultaneously monitor the currency and precious metal commodity market for 5 days of the week on 24 hours basis, and place orders on the basis of the currency and commodity pairs you will select, and perform instant trading by making use of the rates at the market.

How can I log into N Kolay FX?

The only thing what the customers of Aktif Bank need to do is to log into N Kolay Mobile and click on the N Kolay FX button or the N Kolay FX tab after logging into Aktif Bank Internet Branch.

You can select the Become a Customer option after installing N Kolay Mobile for becoming a customer of Aktif Bank.

What are the working hours of N Kolay FX?

You can perform transactions on the basis of the market prices during 5 days of the week on 24 hours basis. N Kolay FX is closed on the weekends, and it is opened for use at 01:00 and at 02:00 for gold and silver trading on Mondays. (It may vary depending on winter time/world time.)

Every night, between 00:00 and 01:00, commodity (gold and silver) quotations cannot be obtained since the international market is closed, and no trading can be performed between such hours, accordingly.

Price interruptions may be encountered at N Kolay FX in case of any foreign holiday or any such other circumstance that affects the market.  In case of unavailability of trading at N Kolay FX; currency, gold and silver trading can be performed through the Investment Transactions menu available in our Internet Banking channel.

In which currency pairs can I trade?


What are the current trading limits at N Kolay FX?


Min. Trading Amount

​Max. Trading Amount


























































Can I trade during the public holidays?

No trading can be performed during the international public holidays.

Can I perform leveraged trading?

No. You can perform trading only by making use of the available balance in your account.

What is the reason for the difference of the margins between the buying and selling rates of exchange?

At N Kolay FX, the prices take shape as based on the market liquidity. Thus, the margins between the buying and selling rates of exchange vary. The price may change at the time of trading.

Will I pay any tax for trading?

In respect of foreign exchange transactions, a Foreign Exchange Excise Tax (FEET) at 2 per thousand (0.2%) will be calculated on the basis of the sales amount for the currency and commodity selling transaction. FEET is collected in TRY. In respect of the arbitrage transactions, the tax will be collected from such account as based on the type of the currency being sold. The Ministry of Finance shall be entitled to make changes.

How long after the trading will the money be reflected in my account?

The balance will be transferred to your account simultaneously with the trading.

Can the N Kolay FX prices vary from the international data platforms?

Yes. Each currency has a certain settlement date. Since the trading is executed same day value at N Kolay FX, the prices at the settlement date are shown by being drawn to the trading day.

I am not able to trade in some of them despite the currency pairs available for trading are indicated in the list. What should I do?

If you do not have an account in the currency type in which you wish to trade, then you should at first open an account in such type of currency. Otherwise, it will not be possible for you to trade. You can open an account in the respective currency type very easily through N Kolay Mobile or Aktif Bank Internet Branch. You can open an account by selecting all your accounts and clicking on the plus sign through the Accounts menu on N Kolay Mobile, or by making use of the Open a Drawing Account from the My Accounts menu on the Aktif Bank Internet Branch.

I want to buy EUR 5.000 in consideration of TRY, however, "insufficient balance" warning appears.

You need to have a balance, which is sufficient for buying EUR 5.000 including the amount of the Foreign Exchange Excise Tax (FEET) for such transaction, available in your TRY account.

What About the Security Requirements?


· While accessing to any online service or application owned by Aktif Bank, you will not be asked to provide any user or device details, which are specific to you, in any manner whatsoever.

· For the purpose of protecting the confidentiality of the personal information of our customers, the system and Internet infrastructures of our bank have been kept at the most reliable level, and the required measures have been taken, accordingly.

· In case of any collaboration with various entities for the purpose of procuring support services, Aktif Bank shall ensure that any such entity observes and complies with the confidentiality standards and conditions of the bank.

· Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile Application may provide links and redirections to the websites administered by third parties. Aktif Bank does not inspect the contents of such websites, and no guarantee is provided by Aktif Bank against any and all kinds of damage and/or loss that might arise from the use of such websites. The security polices of such websites shall apply if and when such kind of websites are visited.

· Aktif Bank shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage and costs which might arise in consequence of any error, interruption, delay in transmission of information, computer virus, line and/or system failure that might occur during the use of our application.

· The copyrights with respect to any information, material available in Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile Application, and arrangement thereof, shall remain with Aktif Yatirim Bankasi A.S. Any and all copyrights, trademarks, letters patent, intellectual and such other property rights with respect to any information and material other than the materials owned by any third party and included in the application shall remain as the sole property of our bank.

· Aktif Yatirim Bankasi A.S. shall be entitled to modify, renew or cancel any of the clauses of the "terms of use" of Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile Application without serving a notice for such purpose. Any such modified, renewed or revoked clause shall become effective for all users as of the date of its publication.

· Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile Application has been established and is being run in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey. Any dispute with respect to the application shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Turkey and be submitted to the Turkish courts.


· While setting your password for logging into Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile application, please try to create a password that could not be guessed easily by others, and please do not share your password with anyone including the staff members of the bank.

· Some functions available in our Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile application will ask for permissions from you to access to various information for the purpose of enabling you to make use of our application more conveniently.

· Please do not use the application on any mobile phone that has undergone Jailbreaking or Rooting.

· The liability for any and all kinds of risks and issues, which might arise in case of access to our mobile banking application through any mobile phone in which alternative network settings and connection applications (VPN-Virtual Private Network, DNS settings, TOR browser, etc.) have been installed, shall remain with the user.

· Please check that you are using the latest current release of the application.

· It is of great importance that you use the screen locking code for preventing the use of your mobile phone by others.

· Anti-virus software may prevent installation of malicious software such as viruses, spyware in your mobile phone, or it may enable you to detect any such software. In order for ensuring that the anti-virus software you use is effective, please update such software on a regular basis.

· Phishing e-mail messages, which appear to be sent by various banks and financial institutions and which seem to include urgent and vital issues, are spread at the Internet. The Internet/mobile banking passwords and personal information of the customers are being asked by means of the links given in such e-mail messages. Do not reply to such kind of e-mail messages or enter any such asked information in any manner whatsoever. Aktif Bank does not have password transactions performed by e-mail in any manner whastoever, and it does not ask for the personal information of the customers in such manner.

· In order for logging out from our Aktif Bank N Kolay Mobile application, please log off by "Secure Logout" within the application.

· Please definitely inform Aktif Bank Communication Center by dialing 0850 724 30 50 in case of any suspicious case.

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