Universal Payment Transfer

​​​It’s very easy to transfer money through UPT​

In addition to being the only money transfer institution that provides services through digital and physical channels, UPT Ödeme Hizmetleri ve Elektronik Para A.Ş., Turkey’s first licensed payment provider, offers money transfer services in multiple currencies to cards and accounts both in Turkey and abroad. UPT, which expanded its playing field by developing the UPTION application after obtaining an electronic money license in 2021, has a very large network that enables money transfer transactions in approximately 95% of all countries around the world. In this context, UPT is positioned as a company offering the most widespread access among payment providers worldwide.


Delivering innovative solutions by adapting with agility to the ever-evolving technological landscape and changing consumer behaviors in today's world, UPT stepped into the digital realm with the UPTION mobile application, which it launched in 2021. UPTION is a mobile application that enables 100% digital customer acquisition and where alternative solutions are offered for payment and money transfers of Turkish citizens and foreigners residing in Turkey. Customers from 91 different nationalities residing in Turkey signed up to become an UPTION member and performed more than 46,000 transactions, creating a transaction volume of over TRY 200 million.


In 2021, UPT carried out 2.3 million transactions in 176 countries, achieving a transaction volume of more than TRY 11 billion. Increasing the number of contracted banks and payment providers abroad to 130, UPT expanded its service network and range of services. 


Making great strides in its regional growth targets, UPT increased the number of countries where it operates with the UPT brand and system to 11 in 2021, demonstrating its commitment to becoming a regional brand. UPT transactions between countries other than Turkey climbed by 249% in 2021. In total, 57 overseas banks or payment providers from 62 countries utilized the UPT infrastructure to carry out money transfers to 59 countries. Working towards its aim of striking new partnership deals, especially in Russia & the CIS, UPT will continue to expand its operational footprint overseas in 2022.


UPT adopted a customer satisfaction-centric approach for both its physical locations and its mobile application UPTION. Having set its sights on enabling fast and low-commission international money transfers, UPT ensures the satisfaction of its customers who send money to their families and loved ones. With customer satisfaction positioned at the core of its operations, UPT will continue to expand its product range and increase its regional footprint in 2022.