Discount and Purchase Installment Credit

Discount and Purchase Credit
It’s a credit application which enables the liquidation of your company’s undue commercial bills arising out of commercial transaction. In short, it’s the discount of the commercial bills.

Credit is supplied by paying the balance which remains after discounting interest, commission, RUSF and BITT, which will be calculated over the bond amount, for the time period starting from the delivery of the bond to the bank until the end of maturity date.

In discount credit, discounted bond is delivered to our Bank through alienatory endorsement and delivery.

The only difference of purchase transaction from discount transaction is that the bill debtor resides outside the boundaries of the municipality where the bank branch, which carries out discount transaction, is located.

Capital risk is set to zero through cheque and / or collection at the end of maturity date.

Installment Credit

It provides the opportunity that you can use the credit amount that you request at once, but make the repayments in monthly and equal installments within a specified maturity period including capital + interest + other deductions.

Interest rate is stable during the whole credit maturity.​​