Corporate Internet Banking: Frequently Asked Questions

Do you request any transaction fee and commission for the transactions carried out in Corporate Internet Banking?

No fee or commission is requested for your transactions which you carry out by using Corporate Internet Banking which is provided by Aktif Bank to its customers as a modern, trustworthy and fast banking service.​​​

Does the authorized staff working in the same company have the same password?

Each user has a separate user code and password.​​

How are the authorization and limitation of the users determined?

    Authorization and limitation of the users is the limitation that indicates which staff can carry out which transactions from which accounts and within which limitations in terms of the authorized staff which can carry out transactions on behalf of your company through Aktif Bank Corporate Internet Banking. These authorization and limitations are determined by your company and specified in Corporate Internet Banking User Identification Form PDF​

If I have problems while using Corporate Internet Banking, whom can I apply to?

You can contact us by calling Aktif Bank Contact Center on 0850 724 30 50.​

If I lose my internet connection while carrying out a transaction without completing my transaction, what happens?

All your transactions are carried out in a secure environment in Aktif Bank Corporate Internet Banking. A reference number is provided for you at the end of your transaction to follow up your transactions later. If your transaction is interrupted in any phase and you get no reference number, you can check this transaction in your account statement. Your transactions carried out in Webbank are instantly reflected in your account statement. If they are not seen there, they are definitely not completed.​​

What should I do if I forget my password?

Users who lose or forget their passwords need to call Aktif Bank Contact Center on 0850 724 30 50, cancel their previous user number / code and passwords and request the new ones.​​

What are the banking services which are provided by Corporate Internet Banking?

Such transactions as money transfers, investment transactions, cheque / bond screening, importation – exportation applications can be carried out.​

What should I do in order to use Corporate Internet Banking?

    You should firstly fill in the application form of Aktif Bank Corporate Internet Banking. Then you will receive your password. ​​