Invoiced Consumer Credit: Frequently Asked Questions

From which maturity band can I derive benefit for my credit?

You can get your credit in maturities to 36 months.​​

How and through which channels can I make my payments?

You can make your credit installment payments from all PTT branches and points, Vakıfbank ATM's, Aktif Bank Branches with your Identification Number of Republic of Turkey. You can make an EFT order from your account in any bank to your IBAN in Aktif Bank. Furthermore, you can make your payments from Vakıfbank ATMs IBAN in Aktif Bank with your Identification Number of Republic of Turkey without using a card.​

How can I use Consumer Credit from your bank?

Answer–you can visit our dealers which have contracts with our banks and enjoy the advantages of our credit opportunities which are offered in exchange for products in the sectors in which we provide consumer financing services.​

If I have a question with my credit, how can I contact you?

You can contact our Aktif Bank Call Center on0850 724 3050 which provides service for 7 days and 24 hours for all of your questions about your credit and account.​

If I would like to make a restructuring or change regarding my credit, what should I do?

You just need to call our Aktif Bank Customer Support Line on 0850 724 3050 in accordance with the required conditions for early closing, interim payment, delay of payment, cancellation, change of payment date and change of maturity regarding your credit. We will keep your requests.​​

If my credit application is approved, which transactions should I carry out?

Answer–You just need to sign the documents which will be delivered to you through our dealer for your approved credit. Our dealer will submit these documents to our bank.​

In which sectors is consumer financing provided?

Answer–We offer services in the sectors of white goods, furniture, solar energy systems, education, medical, natural gas as well as heating and isolation. ​

What is the minimum and maximum credit amount for me?

You can apply for credit in the amount of 500 TL minimum and 30,000 TL maximum. ​​

Which documents should I submit for my application and how can I learn the result of my application?

Answer–you can submit your application only in our contracted dealers with your identity card of Republic of Turkey. We get your applications through our online system for 7 days and 24 hours and conclude them within half an hour. ​