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New Generation Banking

Since the first day, Turkey's largest privately owned investment bank works with a philosophy to do "New Generation Banking via alternative delivery channels instead of physical branches." Productivity and efficiency are at the foundation of Aktif Bank's sustainable growth strategy. As a reflection of this philosophy, the number of Aktif Bank branches serving for corporate banking, investment banking and private banking (all of which require one-to-one communication) has remained at eight over the last four years. Retail banking, which requires an expansive distribution network, new generation techniques have been adopted in cooperation with other distribution organizations effective in the market and as a result of this flexible cost-focused strategy, Aktif Bank was able to reach a high-level capability of capital formation, leading to the continuation of steady growth in 2016.

While retail banking, corporate banking and investment banking constitute Aktif Bank's main sphere of activity, the Bank also offers customers a broad spectrum of services throught its subsidiaries and affiliates, ranging from money transfers to insurance and from transportation cards to extensive kiosk solutions. This comprehensive, visionary perspective has enabled Aktif Bank achieve a much more broad-ranging position than a traditional bank.

With the acquisition of new subsidiaries, Mükafat Asset Management and EchoPOS in 2016, Aktif Bank contributed to the development of the sectors in which it operates.

Since 2006, the year in which a course of reorganization began, the Bank grew 144-fold and the size of its assets exhibited a surge of 26% over the end of the previous year, rising to TRY 9.5 billion. Aktif Bank and its Subsidiaries together form an institution with an annual track record of offering smart city and smart stadium services to a population of 50 million, providing about 2 million smart transit card sales and managing a total of close to 9 million smart cards, mediating 1 billion transit card transactions, producing 1 million new bank cards, achieving approximately 1.5 million money transfers, 68 million invoice collections, TRY 90 million worth of premium production, over 350,000 private loans and 200,000 insurance policy sales. Aktif Bank, together with its new subsidiary EchoPOS, aims to ensure market automation solutions at 20,000 retail sales points. 

Taking an investment bank perspective, Aktif Bank prioritizes the design of high-return investment products catering to all investor needs. To this end, the Bank has pioneered the sector in designing a number of new products while introducing many innovations to investors as Turkey's first Asset Backed Securities (ABS), first Islamic participation certificate, first project finance Sukuk, and first Turkish Lira denominated bank bond issuance.

Aktif Bank is among Turkey's top international award-winning organizations not only for its success in numbers, but also for its performance in products, services and innovation. The Bank is recognized in categories such as world-class payment systems, technology, quality, innovation, investment products, delivery channels and communication. The Bank has received 125​ awards in total, including "The World's Most Innovative Bank" from major international competitions such as The Banker, Financial World Innovation, EFMA, Paybefore, VRL Financial, Global Banking and Finance Review, Mercomm Galaxy, Interactive Media, LACP and Hermes Creative. While such awards have brought our country's banking and finance sector great pride, they also illustrate Turkey's difference and innovative understanding.