A Break-Through Innovation in the World by Aktif Bank; N Kolay Loan Bot

Aktif Bank has introduced another break-through innovation in the world, and offered its customers the alternative to apply for the loan through the Bot on Facebook Messenger.

Thanks to N Kolay Loan Bot, you can apply for the loan on Facebook Messenger. 

Developing various solutions for various needs through its extensive service network and innovative applications, Aktif Bank now utilizes social media as one of its digital solutions allowing the customers to satisfy their cash needs without visiting the branches.

Aiming to develop more solutions for more needs by expanding its service network rather than opening up new branches, Aktif Bank now takes advantage of Facebook Messenger in order to enable its customers to borrow loans rapidly and easily without the requirement to deal with long-lasting processes. Equipped with the ability to respond the loan applications and any and all inquiries of the users on the loan quickly through the bot's replies, N Kolay Loan Bot product is the first product in the world to allow application for the loan on Facebook Messenger.  If you want to say "hi" to N Kolay Loan Bot, receive replies to your inquiries on the loan and apply for the loan, all you must do is to click the messaging button on N Kolay Loan Facebook page. 

Expressing the appreciation, they feel to realize the loan application channel of N Kolay Loan Bot on Facebook Messenger for the first time in the world, Serdar Sumer; PhD, CEO of Aktif Bank, said "We, at Aktif Bank, always strive to introduce quick and easily-accessible solutions by adopting the 'new generation banking' approach under which we expand our service network rather than opening up new branches. We have added N Kolay Loan Bot to our digital banking products and channels, diversified under the brand of N Kolay, and created a new lane. We offer our customers the new generation banking experience with N Kolay Loan Bot allowing to apply for the loan on Facebook Messenger. We have devoted ourselves to respond the needs of our customers through the most appropriate channel within the shortest time, and to facilitate their lives with the innovative products we will introduce as Aktif Bank."