A Break- Through Innovation in Turkey by Aktif Bank: N Kolay Bond with an interest rate of 13,5 Percent

Aktif Bank, the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, continues to expand the range of its innovative products offered to its customers.

Investors may increase the value of their savings with N Kolay Bond, a break-through innovation in Turkey which offers an interest rate of 13.5 percent. The only thing the investors must do to purchase N Kolay Bond, a fully digital product, is to visit www.nkolaybono.com. 

Adopting its banking philosophy as "engaging in new generation banking activities through alternative distribution channels, rather than opening up new branches", since the very first day of its establishment, Aktif Bank continues to offer high-yield products to its customers thanks to this strategy focusing on low and flexible costs. Savers from every level of income who wish to increase the value of their savings, from TL 250 up to TL 250 thousand, may purchase N Kolay Bond and sell the bonds at any time they wish without any requirement to wait for the maturity date and without any loss on the interest rate. What is more, purchasers of N Kolay Bonds will not incur any surprise charges such as remittance, EFT and account maintenance fee.

Serdar Sumer; PhD, CEO of Aktif Bank, said "We have extended the range of our innovative products. We have just introduced an investment product, N Kolay Bond, which can be purchased by all people, whether Aktif Bank's customers or not, on a full-digital medium without the requirement to visit the branch, and which provides high yields and which can be used to increase the value of the savings of investors from every level of income. Creating an environment for small investors to allow that they access various financial products rapidly and easily to enhance their yields is a global trend that we closely follow up. By leveraging on this trend, the financial technology companies, known as FinTechs, have introduced various innovative products at the advanced financial centers. With our product, we bring the issuers of a financial product and the investors together, resulting in elimination of the brokerage fees. Therefore; we aim to eliminate the additional charges incurred by the savers, and accordingly, maximize their yields. So, purchasers of N Kolay Bond can generate much more yield than the similar products available on the market. Savers intending to invest their savings may not only benefit from many advantages offered by N Kolay Bond, but also increase the value of their savings with an interest rate of 13.5 percent. Having a withholding rate of 10 percent and an interest rate of 13.5 percent, N Kolay Bond produces much more yields considering the withholding rate as applied for deposits. The interest yield, to be brought by N Kolay Bond, corresponds to a deposit interest rate of 14.29 percent. Another feature of our product is the extensive flexibility offered to the customers. Customers of N Kolay Bond can enjoy the applicable high interest rates when the interest rates fall, and they can sell their bonds and repurchase the same at a higher interest rate when the interest rates increase." 

If you wish to purchase N Kolay Bond, just visit www.nkolaybono.com, or perform the necessary processes either through the website of Aktif Bank or dialing the number of the call center or visiting the branches of Aktif Bank.