A momentous cooperation between N Kolay and Otoplus

N Kolay, the digital bank of Aktif Bank, which is the largest privately-owned investment bank in Turkey, entered into a momentous cooperation with Otoplus, the innovative subsidiary brand of Letgo, one of the largest platforms in Turkey, engaged in second-hand car business. Making life easier thanks to its new generation banking solutions, N Kolay determines the needs of the customers and develops digital transformation projects to improve experiences in different channels in addition to the innovative products and services it offers through the digital channels. As part of such cooperation, N Kolay offers advantageous loan facilities with a competitive interest rate of 1.99% for Otoplus centers, which grow day by day in Turkey. Customers will be able to buy the car of their choices as based on an independent appraisal report, guaranteeing 1 year/20.000 km, at Otoplus centers by rapid submission of a loan application through N Kolay's digital application process completed within a few minutes.

Yilmaz remarked; “We are pleased to share our experience in second-hand car loans with Otoplus”

Highlighting that they are delighted to partner with Otoplus, one of the strongest players in the industry, Pinar Yilmaz, Aktif Bank's Retail Banking Managing Director, said, “We, as Aktif Bank, are engaged in second-hand vehicle financing since 2016. We believe that we have entered into a yielding cooperation by combining our experience in this field and customer-oriented, digital solutions of N Kolay, making life easier, with the second-hand car portfolio offered by Otoplus as based on the assurance provided by Letgo. We intend to reach more customers and make it easier for individuals to buy the car of their dreams at an affordable interest rate of 1.99%, which is exclusively applicable to Otoplus centers, through our digital application process.”

Tuluy Noyan, the Managing Director in charge of Car Operations at Letgo, said that the boost in sales in the second-hand car business is directly proportional to the easy access to loans, and that they anticipate that their cooperation with Aktif Bank will attract a great deal of attention from the customers of Otoplus. Tuluy Noyan added that they aim to meet the cash needs of consumers, who want to have their own car but are hesitant because of the prices, by means of the affordable solutions through the cooperation with leading financial institutions in Turkey at the Otoplus centers, offering a smooth customer experience with no extra costs and a return guarantee within 20 days.