A new campaign by N Kolay Ankara Card

N Kolay Ankara Card grants five free passes to the individuals of the capital in public transportation vehicles:

​A new campaign by N Kolay Ankara Card

N Kolay Ankara Card introduces additional facilities for the individuals of the capital to make the payment processes in transportation easier in Ankara with a population of 5.5 million people. Designed with the facility to load money from all ATMs across Turkey, other bank accounts, Ankara Smart and Mini Counters and points of sale for N Kolay Ankara Card, it offers the opportunity for "free transportation" in metro, buses, trains and cableways in the capital of Turkey. Put on sale with the campaign offering five free passes, N Kolay Ankara Card can be used in all POS and ATM machines at home and abroad as a pre-paid card, besides all advantages it offers in transportation.

N Kolay Ankara Card, introduced by Aktif Bank, enables the people to load money to their transportation cards more easily in Ankara where 5.5 million people are living and 1 million public transportation processes are performed every day. Card holders can load money to their cards by means of points of sale for N Kolay Ankara Card, Ankara Smart and Mini Counters, EFT from other bank accounts and all ATMs across Turkey. When card holders purchase their cards from points of sale, they'll be entitled to five free passes during the validity period of the campaign. While using their cards, they also continue utilizing all transportation opportunities in Ankara.

N Kolay Ankara Card provides all daily-needed services of the people of the capital in a single card. N Kolay Ankara Card, a pre-paid card with MasterCard logo, enables you to enjoy your shopping in a fast and secure manner with its contactless feature, besides its convenience for use in transportation and shopping. What's more, you can withdraw the available balance of your card in cash from ATMs.

Both practical and generous with its free passes

Put on sale for TRY 6, N Kolay Ankara Card grants the initial purchasers with five free passes. N Kolay Ankara Card will continue to grant free passes for the people of Ankara through future campaigns, and further information about N Kolay Ankara Card is accessible on www.nkolayankara.com.

Features of N Kolay Ankara Card

  • N Kolay Ankara Card holders can load money into their cards, and then use it in transportation, shopping and cash withdrawal transactions.
  • They can withdraw money from all ATMs at home and abroad.
  • It provides you with transfer pass in transportation.
  • It launches campaigns to provide users with free passes and discounts.
  • Initial buyers are granted with five free passes.
  • A dedicated contact center service is provided exclusively for the card holders through the N Kolay Ankara Card Contact Center at 0 (850) 724 0606.

Points to Load Money into N Kolay Ankara Card

  • Points of Sale for N Kolay Ankara Card
  • Ankara Smart and Mini Counters

What's more;

You can also load money into your N Kolay Ankara Card by entering the card number through the following means
EFT from your bank accounts,

  • All bank ATMs,
  • PTT Branches and PTTMatiks
  • Aktif Bank Online Banking​